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buying stuff for baby

2 Oct

You know, we don’t buy all that much stuff for BB. Many awesome people bought us awesome stuff pre-baby, and others gave/lent us structural ‘necessities’ (snap & go, pack & play, even a high chair). We received lots of clothes from the baby kula ring, and lots of toys from baby mama’s best friend in Boston. So we’re left with mostly-cute purchases.

And with that, let me simply point to this etsy shop.

The ones we are getting for Brooklyn Baby are these in particular, whose buttons are a source of joy and wonder (but mostly joy):

If only everything in his life could be as darling as these boots.


Our kid will never be this cute

11 Oct

Seriously, I’m now thinking we should scrap the whole kid thing and just get a dog, so that we can dress it in this outfit:

If you’re gonna get stuck in a look, it might as well be a look with some damn dignity.

7 Oct

I really like Sweet Juniper. I first read about this family who moved to Detroit when I came across this heart-breaking photo and its attendant explanation. The blog itself is about the trials, trevails and triumphs of living in the most neglected 21st century city in America. Plus, I fully intend to steal his card.

This post of his, about how he has decided to move away from the Park Sloped 40-Something tattooed dads dressed like 20-something crackheads, and towards something more dignified – work shirts, work boots, wool socks. I sympathize, though being in NYC I’ve never been much of a Mandals kind of guy. I have been trying to fill out my closet with something nicer than jeans and t-shirts, without it being super-fancy or too fashion-forward. Maybe a little Put This On, but without the fastidiousness or fawning over Cary Grant.

And my wife. She’s gone for some pretty cutie-cute tops while pregnant, to be sure. But on the other hand, we went to Banff, Canada on vacation this summer, where she picked up a sweatshirt from the Roots store. “What do you think?” says she. Says me, “It looks great. It says ‘I’m pregnant, and I have given up.'”