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Curious behavior

14 Mar

The last few days, Brooklyn Baby has begun to manifest some weird behavior. This morning, at like 6am, he started coughing, then started crying, “mommy!’ Kind of soft, kind of crying, interspersed with a bit of sleep and a bit of coughing. I finally got up to get him at 6:30, whereupon he seemed…mad? He was fine once I got him up and changed his diaper. But then he sat on the floor, crying and kind of unresponsive. Not sick, no fever. I suspect psychological origins.

Actually, my hypothesis is that he wanted water at 6am, but then felt a little betrayed that we didn’t get it for him (well, there’s also the perennial hypothesis that he’s 2). So he was a little resentful. This is kind of new behavior for us.

Last night at dinner, he wouldn’t touch the pumpkin ravioli or the vegetables, and sat crying and crying, and crying and crying (I want cheesy rigatoni! I want chicken! I want yogurt!). We had been edging towards a harder-line stance for some time, but last night we sort of hit a ‘No, this is your dinner. Like it or lump it.” When I finally went to start his bath without him eating anything, he took a bite of ravioli, then spit it out.

We responded with a sort-of spontaneous “Wow! Look at that! You tried it! Great! Woo-hoo!” and then gave him some chicken cutlet (which he calls Chicken Parm and will eat happily). I mean, we do want him to try stuff, and I have been a pushover about food. But I somehow ended up with a feeling like the US experience in Afghanistan: declare victory and go home.

Anyhow, it feels like baby’s psychological wants and needs are becoming more…interesting.