Boot camping it

3 Jul

So we are moving out of state in a couple of months, starting a new job, traveling here and there this summer. What would make this all just a little more interesting and fun? Why boot camp potty training, natch.

B is pretty ready for potty training ready, he pees into the potty (standing up) and I’ve heard from his daycare that he occasionally poops in the potty as well – though I’ve never seen that myself.

The premise is that we go cold turkey from diapers to nothing. No pull-ups, just diapers when he sleeps. Otherwise, it’s supposed to be months of no pants at home. The initial boot into this camp is a three day extravaganza of naked-below-the-waist. Which we are starting this weekend.

So there will be poop and urine in our house now, and presumably by Monday we will have a 75% potty-trained kid.

Part of me wants to do this Big Brother style and put cameras all over the house.

So, we will see. I think there’s a decent chance this could work, but also a decent chance he will poop on our sofa.


One Response to “Boot camping it”

  1. Ethan McCarty July 3, 2013 at 9:48 am #

    Well, at least natural selection has prepared you for this experience.

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