Boot camp, day 2

6 Jul

First, I love how boot camp makes me feel like we are training for navy seals around here, instead of spending the days staring at a two year old’s penis and tush for 10 hours.

The good of it is that it’s pretty established for B to use the little potty for peeing. And dang, he pees like 14 times a day. And so far no accidents, though I still think it is a matter of time before he poops on the floor. But not yet!

Although…he has not yet pooped in the potty. We are using diapers for naps and sleeps, and he’s woken from both with poop. So we haven’t done any #2 training yet. I know, the suspense, right? I will obviously keep you apprised.

I’ve said this before, but having an easy kid really makes you feel righteous as a parent. Everything you do works.



One Response to “Boot camp, day 2”

  1. Peter July 7, 2013 at 7:06 am #

    So the grand tally after two days: 19 peeing in the potty, 1 pooping in the potty, 1 peeing in his pants during our maiden excursion, in the middle of Bagel Market, and 1 partial poop on our living room floor.

    And still, I’m going to call it a win. If we can fix, you know, those last two things, we’ll be in business…

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