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New favorite blog

9 Apr

Reasons my son is crying. Or go directly to he is in a giraffe costume.


Breakfast, sweets

8 Apr

Ok, so here is the situation. Baby Bilbo eats when he wants and finds something he really likes. For instance, he loves breakfast. Pancakes, he’ll eat a prodigious amount. His normal breakfast is two instant packets of maple brown sugar oatmeal. Or a big bowl of Kashi cereal.

But there are days, a few a week, when I take him out, and on these days he eats banana bread, or muffins. We’re big on muffins. Yesterday (a Sunday) he ate some banana bread, some oatmeal, some cookie, some apple, some apple cider, some cashews, some chicken cutlet, some chicken broth with ABC pasta, some blueberry muffin.

Is this, I ask, too much sweets? I genuinely do agree with wife that I’m the culprit here, and it is mostly true that he doesn’t eat veggies. But I also just don’t know how much is too much, when to be all ‘meh’ and when to worry that we’re inculcating bad habits.

Plus, Jules always makes us (well, me) look bad by eating raw carrots and such. The healthiest thing ours will eat is lentil soup.

So seriously, should I even give a crap? I’m not going to put spinach in cupcakes or other silliness, but I can certainly cut back the baked goods baked into papa-baby rituals..