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Photo wall

13 Dec

20111213-180552.jpg I also didn’t mention how much I liked the photo banner that baby mama put together. Though I somehow ended up being surprised that baby looks so similar across a year. In videos he looks much different.

Anyhow, crafty mama!


Continuing cough

30 Sep

I want to say more about baby’s development, but I feel like I do when speaking to a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while: I’m still in the broad strokes, things are good, everyone’s fine, etc. I want to be in the shorter strokes (wait, that doesn’t sound good, let’s leave the stroking metaphor), telling you about the fact that BB can turn individual pages of a book now, or that he’s developing preferences for stuff.

But C.R.E.A.M., right? Cough rules everything around me. Almost 2 weeks after the croup rocked our household to the core – ok, maybe not the core, and there was some rocking, but you get it man, you get it – baby still has a lingering cough. It’s sneaky though, he’ll be cool as morning dew for the whole day, and then in the middle of the night, bang, coughing spasms 5, 6 times a night. Seriously, is the kid smoking ciggies out back while we’re not looking?

Plus, the internet, man, the internet. You search for ‘lingering cough infant’ and the second item is this yahoo answers post. Dad: my kid has a lingering cough. Any ideas? Internet: cystic fibrosis or pneumonia. Wow. Wait, what? I imagine the next line is something like: Dad (after reading that his baby has life-threatening illness that is masking as a cough) leaves work, comes home to whisk baby off to the emergency room and possibly a life-saving bubble suit.

Anyhow, the cough lingers. We’re starting to get annoyed with this, though baby doesn’t seem to give two figs about the whole thing. He’s just pissed that it’s 5am, and we’re waiting, on principle, until 5:30am to get him out of his crib. He’s coughing, right? Can’t we hear that? The principle, by the way, is that it’s fucking early and we are tired, tired. Plus, since he wears his shoes & bar at night, he’s started banging that shit against the crib. Coughing and banging, banging and coughing. I think he knows that our room shares a wall with him, because he’s now banging the bar against that particular wall of the crib. Or else he’s tunneling, Sandhog style, out of the room somehow. One day, we’re going to look behind his Rita Hayworth poster, and he’ll be gone.

Back in the swing

7 Sep

Yesterday was my first day of class this academic year. It went a touch worse than I had expected, but only a touch. I am surprised to still be nervous on first days, and I am team-teaching this senior thesis seminar more than I’m used to. Anyhow, nothing super-special going on here, but it seems like I should mark the beginning of this year with something more than a word and a whisper.

So work may just be a bit of a letdown in comparison to a lovely lovely weekend away, for the Labor Day holiday. We went to a friend’s house in the country (in this case country being a relatively unscathed stretch of the Catskills). Hurricane Irene almost knocked our plans out, but the weather turned out to be really great. Ladderball was played, good food and drink was eaten and drunk. We played Beatles Rock Band. Long walks. BB cried for the entire car ride up and back, but was pretty good while we were there. And we got to spend good times with some fellow Brooklyn peoples as well as some good peeps from Philly.

In other words, we had a great weekend. Very civilized.


27 Aug

I don’t know that you would know this, but I’m slightly obsessed with dystopian teen fiction. This, if they capture any of the sense of the books, is going to be awesome.

99 to go

8 Jun

I’m most behind on my project to write 100 letters before the end of the year. But today I knocked one down. Only 99 to go. If you start getting snail mail from me, don’t be alarmed, I’m on a mission.

5 months on Friday

12 May

So, yeah, we have a 5-month old baby. Yesterday, while BB gummed on my finger, I realized that there’s a tooth coming on the bottom. We’re on size 3 diapers. He takes 2-hour naps now. Things move quickity-quick. I’m also basically done with the semester, or at least will be in the next week or so. We’ll be on the move a bit this summer but mostly trying to piece together a life.

I was also looking over my project list for 2011, a dozen for 2011. I’ve finished the birth announcements. I completed the 40th birthday walkback (at least for one of the two friends I intended). Picture of the day continues, now almost 5 months of daily photos of BB. Our artsy wall photo collections continues to grow, but we haven’t yet organized them onto the wall. The sounds of young baby is actually going ok, though there’s been a month or so gap in what I’m recording. I’ve got quite a few of his sounds on record, though.

I’m failing miserably (so far) at: writing letters; doing the board book; running; pulling my disparate profiles into a single, self-controlled site; throwing the resource party; selling something on Etsy; and the data dashboard.

So 5 of 12 are on track, the others are still salvageable, and it’s mid-May. Rock on baby bubba to the boogety bang bang, the boogie to the boogety beat.

Oh, and I intend to update this site more often. I suspect that my lack of posts is enabling my friend to slack on her own blog, and we can’t have that, can we?

Baby’s room is finished

17 Mar

Ha. Ha ha. Haaaahahahahahaa. Actually we haven’t even started to clean it up and out to make it into a baby’s room. Our poor little 3-month-old will have to suffer in his current digs for a little while longer.

But this is just an excuse to say that I one day fantasize about having the baby’s room decorated with some of these decals. To see what it might look like in the right hands, these intrepid expectants have made awesome out of birds.