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No Knead Bread

30 Sep

This bread takes 24 hours, but you mix some stuff together in a big bowl, let it sit, move it onto a towel, let it sit, bake. Barely touched the thing. Of course, we have no idea how it takes. But it sure looks good. Yay, Steamy Kitchen!


Baby monkey

30 Sep

Via cute overload, I can say that my future kid will be hard pressed to be cuter than this:

Sick, but getting better – plus Mondel Bread

29 Sep

I’ve been a little off on updating of late (I know, it’s a slippery slope. One day it’s ‘wow, it’s been a while’, and then suddenly it’s more like ‘yeah, haven’t updated in 6 months’, and then it’s 3 years and you add this to the long list of shit I started but wasn’t able to keep going on. Brutal.). Actually, I’ve been sick since Sunday. We went to see The National on Saturday night, in Montclair, NJ. Montclair, where the city meets the suburbs, as they say. Apparently, just the act of entering New Jersey has made me sick.

Four days later, and I’m still coughing up a lung. But trooper that I am, I strapped on my medical mask (so as not to New Jersify the baked goods), and made my Grandma’s recipe for Mondel Brot:

Actually, we call it Mondel Bread, and it’s a kind of Jewish Biscotti – baked then toasted, so ‘twice baked’…ergo, biscotti. I call it delicious. There’s a family story that my grandma made a batch for my dad to take to my uncle in Germany. After traveling hours by plane, train, and automobile, my dad gets there and hands over the baked goods. Uncle looks in the tin and derisively complains, ‘What the hell? This isn’t mondel bread, these are mondel crumbs!’ Mondel crumbs is now in the family lexicon, translated roughly into ‘ungrateful schmuck who doesn’t appreciate all the work that went into something on your behalf.’ Honestly, I love my uncle to death, but he’s taken a family lore beating on those Mondel crumbs.

The recipe is simple, but it requires a little technique and a little finesse to make them come out right. After about a dozen times making it, I’m starting to get it down. Of course, ask my family and they’ll tell you that my version of the Mondel bread isn’t as good as my late grandma Sylvia’s Mondel bread. And to that I say: mondel crumbs.


26 Sep

I’m just saying that we are both Jewish, and we have strong agreements that if the kid is a boy, we’ll circumcise the hell out of him. And in the spirit of DIY goodness, I think this self-circumciser would be awesome. Sure, it comes with a warning – “This device should not be used to do a self-circumcision. Circumcision should always be performed by a trained and skilled healthcare provider. Readers are cautioned against obtaining this or any other circumcision clamp via mail order and then using it on a DIY basis.” But please, we all know it’s just trying to protect the moy’el industry.

On the other hand, this size-o-meter has all kinds of potential to make the kid either self-conscious, or too cocky. And we’d like to nip both of those in the bud. So to speak. Ba-dum bum. Though, seriously, if you click through that image is the least problematic one you’ll see.

This is closest so far to how I imagine my own trajectory

24 Sep

Phillip Toldano posts a series of photos recounting the birth of his daughter and the achieved rather than ascribed status of fatherhood for him1:

And when they pulled Loulou out, I stood up and said, “Holy shit, she’s enormous!”

It’s funny. There’s how you feel, and then there’s how you think you feel.

When people have kids on TV or in the movies, there are tears of joy, cries of delight.

Did I feel a tsunami of love wash over me?

Not really. If anything, it just seemed absurd that I was a father. ME! A father!

Plus, the guy is a professional photographer, and so if you click through you’ll get lovely pictures like this on:

Incidentally, I think this is how my partner feels after eating chocolate. Without the drooling, mostly.

1 For the non-sociology folks, first of all, your loss. Seriously. The world is all sociology and you’re just missing it. Second, achieved status is a status that you acquire via work, choice, etc., while ascribed status is a status you are born into, like race or gender.

Would have been awesome, but missed the window

24 Sep

Sorry Dr. D and Miss I, I totally missed the window on this one.

I don’t know how this won me over

23 Sep

First, let me say that I’m not really sure how I end up browsing a Texas photographer’s blog, but my aimlessness is really whole other story. That said, you know, you look at this photo and you think, ‘Cute, but I’ve seen this before.’ Don’t know the couple, don’t know the photographer, but still, cute.

Then you go to the site proper, and you realize that they seem a little too cute to really get behind. But then you scroll down, and you begin to dig the suspenders and the sneakers, and the purple, and the matching Chuck T’s, and by that time, I’m totally on board. My wedding was awesome, but this is a whole Wedding of Awesome. Purple Chuck T’s for wedding shoes!

I’m now thinking that we should name the baby, Baby of Awesome (Boa). This would actually fit with my already-longstanding desire to name the baby Child of Infinite Justice (Coij). Or maybe just tack ‘of Infinite Justice’ on whatever name we actually choose…