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Well our bags are packed, we’re ready to go

27 Aug


Movers arrived today, to box up our worldly belongings. The reality of the move gets pretty concrete when you’re faced with an empty wall of painting hooks and a wrapped up sofa.

There is still some anxiety on my part, but it is easing as it moves from unknown fear to a set of tasks, which have solutions. As my friend tells me, no one is dying in the makin if this movie.

And as my clothes are unceremoniously dumped into boxes, it feels more and more like stuff and less like me, or my life. Of course toddler may have a different opinion when he returns from daycare to find everything boxed up.

For most of our friends, we will talk to you on the other side, as they are taking our linking toys and moving them. We are due to fly out Saturday night, and settle sometime in the next week or so, but maybe more.

I’m not ready to say goodbye in my heart to Brooklyn, or New York, quite yet. But it is happening. Now.



27 Jul

BB (sitting with his dish of chocolate sprinkles): Papa, you didn’t get ice cream? Would you like some chocolate?

(later, when I put him in his crib)
Me: BB, when I go to sleep tonight, I’m going to dream about big boats.

BB: I’m going to dream about big boats too!

Honestly, it may be possible for our little one to be cuter, but I just can’t see how that might happen. These are the days, the moments, that make so much of the work feel like nothing at all.


12 Dec

This is the first time in a week that I’ve had the time and energy to sit down to a computer. Last Thursday, baby woke up at 4am, and being the excellent parent that I am (natch), I immediately poked my wife: ‘hey, baby’s crying, it’s 4am. You should go check on him,’ and then tried to go back to sleep.

A long few minutes later, partner plunked down a sad, kind of scared, drop-dead tired, pukey-smelling baby next to me in the big bed. Apparently, his lovey doll and a few other stuffed animals bore the brunt of his stomach’s disfavor, and sweet wife was cleaning up the mess in his bedroom. He slept on and off for a couple-few more hours, in between us in the big bed. Wait, no, that’s not totally accurate. It was more like a sleep position sampler. In any event, baby felt like crap on Friday, when our cousins came into town to stay with us for the weekend.

He held up surprisingly well, despite not really eating anything at all for a couple days. Although he had a funny tendency to just stop in the middle of whatever he was doing, and just lay down flat on the floor. Um, right. Sleepy. Tired. Sick. On Sunday morning, when I usually take him out in the early morning for coffee and oatmeal, he puked again, this time all over mama’s shoulder and the floor. Amazing, right? He just got mommy! Not our sheets, not his own clothes, just the floor and mommy! (you know, as I’m writing this, wife is looking pretty damn martyr-esque. Hrm.). He held up again for the rest of the day Sunday, just fine. Again, just sleepy. No more vomit.

But on Sunday night, I came down with the delayed version of his stomach bug. Or at least I think that’s what it was. The stomach cramps and pains and the brief passing out from exhaustion while laying on the bathroom floor at 3am wishing I was dead, that’s stomach flu, right? Or else a classical reenactment of that stomach bursting scene from Alien.

Then he pulled a fast one. Just as he started eating again, he began the characteristic cough-of-the-barking-seal that we heard last winter, when he had croup. Yep. Croup. As I lay completely incapacitated on Monday, and wife napped on and off as well, my blessed mother-in-law did childcare for our little bundle of infection.

So that’s where we are now. I’m pretty much better. Wife is still mending. Baby is coughing. Baby mama spent 3 and a half hours with baby and mother-in-law at the after-hours urgent care center (oh, in what deserves a separate post, let’s just go ahead and give a gigantic FUCK YOU to the pediatric medical establishment on behalf of everyone involved in that experience).

So, yeah, we’re a little tired, our Hanukkah hasn’t been the best in the world, baby’s 2nd birthday is tomorrow, and we’re all going to be better soon.

The easiest baby in the world

12 Apr

So, I may have complained a bit about BB’s aversion to the amoxicillin. But it turns out that the aversion is not really to the medicine, it was to the manhandling. So now, when we want him to take his medicine, we simply sit him up, smile, and let him take the medicine a bit at a time through the dropper.

That’s right, our baby takes his medicine with no hassles at all, and then when he’s done, he shakes the bottle for a little post-medicine giggle. And for now he’s sleeping straight through the night from about 7-7:30 until about 6:30 or even 7am.

You may be wondering what we’ve done to deserve such an easy baby. And the answer is: we’ve done awesome parenting.

Got problems with that?

2012 Theme and 12 for ’12

30 Dec

Working, working on it. I think, after careful discussion with wife and co-conspirator AP, that 2012 is going to be the Year of Doing My Best Work. Or at least trying hard to do more of my best work. I have in mind some version of being present in the present, and of trying to actually give my full faith and effort to the work that I’m doing. Of course, 2012 is going to be the year of starting new stuff (work in particular), and BB’s second year, so there are specifics to worry over. But if not ‘best’ work, at least trying harder to do better work, sweat the details, stop dropping the ball, and just being mindful about doing the best I can under the circumstances, that would make 2012 awesome. Plus, it’s one of those things that, even if I fall short, better is better.

As far as 12 for ’12, I want to try a project list, a la 2011’s project list. I have some of the same energies for this as I did in this year, but some things (like the board book) seem to have lost some appeal for me along the way. Making baby food seemed more interesting last year than now, but Sunday Dinners or some regular family meal sounds a lot more interesting now than it did last year. Also, more family recipes to make, so far I’ve ended 2011 with Grandma Sylvia’s matzo ball soup and brisket, and both turned out quite well. I’m going to try to do more of that in the coming year.

Have a great New Year’s eve, and more importantly, a wonderful 2012. We have a lot of love to share, and we know exactly where it goes – to each other, to baby, and to you.

Oh, and I almost forgot. From Kung-Fu Panda:

Birthday party

13 Dec


Partner and I generally disagree a bit on the value and necessity of birthday parties (me: smaller or not at all; her: as big as we can handle, with touches of class), but in this case she was right and I was wrong. If everyone we invited came, possibly it would have been too many (certainly more crowded. But you know, never too many). In the end, the final count was perfect. We missed our friends who couldn’t make it, though.

It was a low-key affair, the highlight of which was the Brooklyn Blackout cake. Baby mashed it up but good. The rest of us were a bit more dainty (though I caught E late at night raiding the fridge naked and wearing chocolate down her chin like a hyena ripping through a wildebeest. Or maybe I dreamed that last bit).

I don’t know how we’ll manage with bigger kids, in winter so that an easy outdoor affair is harder, but I’m sure we’ll manage. Surprisingly, we thrive on chaos. Or at least it doesn’t faze us. I even got to make goodie bags, for kids and adults (and we’re $5 ahead in scratchy lottery winnings!).

So happy birthday baby boy. We love you and hope to keep you around for a while!

Date night!

14 Nov

With mother-in-law in town, this provides opportunity for wife and I to go out on the town. After barely missing the movie we intended to see, we thought we would have a few drinks and a bit of food, around Union Square. Lovely lovely.

Walking up Broadway, we notice a middle-aged couple, pretty clearly on a first (or early) date, making out in front of a bar/restaurant. Which is cool, man, really, because we both hear enough stories from single friends about how difficult it is to have a good date, with a normal person. So rock on, snogging old people! We support you!

But then as we got closer, they were still pretty much going at it. Which got a little bit uncomfortable. And then, just as we passed, they pulled apart, and dude leaned in and said, in completely smarmy voice, “Was that good?” To which I replied to baby mama, walking just past them, “Oh yeah, that WAS good!”

So now our new thing is to give each other the creeptastic “Was that good?” anytime after we kiss. It’s like adding a little bit of spice to our staid romantic lives. And that spice is Epimedium grandiflorum.