Food baby eats

Ok, you can read below for what I had here earlier, but it seems a bit dated now (4/2012). Baby is 15 months, and eating solid foods. We still give him baby food in jars or packets, but we’ve also been trying to get him into the people-food scene.

Things he likes now? Spinach pie, veggie burgers from Bare Burger, the inside part of any quiche, sauteed duck breast, french fries, pasta and tomato sauce (if it’s blended, otherwise the shape makes it hit or miss), raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, bananas (and baby oatmeal is his breakfast most days), falafel, grilled cheese, bagels/bread, whole wheat crackers, anything puff-related, fried rice, animal crackers, plain yogurt, ice cream.

Things he won’t really eat? Eggs (though this is on the cusp of change), plain roasted or steamed vegetables (sometimes pureed he will slurp them down, but then not eat them as whole), tomatoes, hummus, chicken strips, pizza, salad.


We started baby on solid foods! Yay for excrement that is increasingly disgusting and reminiscent of human feces?

Anyhow, this is a collection place for remembering and documenting the things baby has tried to eat. Of course, I’m including things here that would qualify as ‘food’ in the conventional sense, so ‘my watch’, ‘my knee’, ‘the nails in our coffee table’, ‘his own foot’ don’t really count. Without further ado,

Edible Things our Baby has Eaten:

  • Applesauce. Reaction: most desirable food, grunty-screams if you are not shoveling it into his mouth fast enough.
  • Pearsauce. Reaction: desirable food, will eat as much as you put in front of him.
  • Banana. Reaction: most desirable food, eats a whole mashed banana, in addition to a helping of rice cereal.
  • Spinach with sweet potato. Reaction: tolerable food, will eat much to all of it, especially if fed before rather than after applesauce. Gets spinach bits every place on his body imaginable.
  • Mango. Reaction: tolerable food, but maybe the texture or stringiness or something didn’t go over super-well.
  • Avocado. Reaction: Disliked food. We only tried this once, and he threw it up. But he threw up something else that day, so we think it may have been just a bad stomach day. Tabled for another time.
  • Rice Cereal. Reaction: desirable food, can pack it away. I make it a bit looser than baby mama, who likes to make it more solid. IMHO, this stuff tastes like nothing, but baby wants, baby gets – for now.
  • Peach. Reaction: loved it, in the form of peach rice pudding, one of the organic packages of foods.
  • Poi. Reaction: Indifference. We thought, since poi was one of the only things Baby Mama could eat as a sickly, allergic-to-everything baby, that BB would love it as well. They swear by this disgusting stuff in Hawaii. I thought it tasted think, gross, and purple. Baby ate it, but certainly did not love it.
  • Roasted sweet potatoes and carrots. Reaction: Indifference. I think the problem with this was that it was too thick. We used purple sweet potatoes, Hawaii-style. So, we ate it, as a delicious side-dish. Sorry baby.
  • Ratatouille with amaranth. This was one of the ‘sophisticated’ organic baby food packets. Reaction: DENIED! This was in fact the first thing we have found that baby simply would not eat. I attribute it to a sensible dislike of eggplant. And frankly, I thought it tasted pretty blech myself. Baby mama of course thought it smelled and tasted delightful.

This list seemed like a good idea at the time, but baby is more or less an omnivore. It may make more sense to start thinking about edible things baby has not yet tried, rather than what he has tried.

Things not tried: bacon; hamburger/steak; cured pork products (prosciutto, pancetta, sausages, etc.); eggs; yogurt.

Things baby has tried and either thrown up or really really disliked: chicken (breast, blended with a bit of water), hamburger (blended with a bit of water).


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