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Well our bags are packed, we’re ready to go

27 Aug


Movers arrived today, to box up our worldly belongings. The reality of the move gets pretty concrete when you’re faced with an empty wall of painting hooks and a wrapped up sofa.

There is still some anxiety on my part, but it is easing as it moves from unknown fear to a set of tasks, which have solutions. As my friend tells me, no one is dying in the makin if this movie.

And as my clothes are unceremoniously dumped into boxes, it feels more and more like stuff and less like me, or my life. Of course toddler may have a different opinion when he returns from daycare to find everything boxed up.

For most of our friends, we will talk to you on the other side, as they are taking our linking toys and moving them. We are due to fly out Saturday night, and settle sometime in the next week or so, but maybe more.

I’m not ready to say goodbye in my heart to Brooklyn, or New York, quite yet. But it is happening. Now.


Traveling with the little one

21 Jul

I’m at the end of a 4-day jaunt with the little one, my first trip with just baby. There have been weeks when I’ve been out of town, leaving my wife with the kid; and there have been trips that baby mama has taken with the kid while I’ve stayed home. But between nursing, which went through part of year 2, and our schedules, I’ve not had the opportunity.

The circumstances of our trip, I’ll leave for some other analysis. But we’ve been in Hilton Head since Thursday, leaving on Monday. Since we have been here, we have: gone in the pool every day; gone to a children’s museum; gone to three dinners at restaurants; gone to the beach; rode a pedal bike (with training wheels); gone bike riding, with me in front and baby in a seat attached to the rear; gone to a big playground; gone to a harbor to see big boats; thrown all manner of things into all manner of bodies of water; seen cranes, egrets, alligators, rabbits, chameleons, crabs, and lots and lots of Spanish moss. It has been a busy few days.

And on the potty front, baby has had one minor incident in the house, a minor incident on the plane, and the rest success. There’s another airplane trip tomorrow, so we will see how that goes. I put him in a diaper for the flight, but then had to take it off in the plane to go pee – it’s a ‘just in case’ (read: poop) diaper.

It has been a pleasure for the vast majority of the trip. No meltdowns at all, sleeping until 6:30 or even 6:45, napped 3 of 4 days, bedtime has been late but never later than 8:30 or so. A doll. The cycles are getting shorter though, and today he was missing his mommy. I get the feeling that another day or two and the meltdowns would start coming, along with other forms of resistance. But this has been a really great trip on many fronts. I mean, there was that incident when we went to a ‘cook at your table’ Japanese restaurant, and the dude’s onion volcano exploded sideways with fire that burned a kid’s arm a bit. That was the most actual (as opposed to potential) danger I’ve felt since maybe the baby was even born. Seriously, I’m still edgy thinking about it, even though it turned out to be completely fine (even for the unfortunate kid).

I feel pretty close to the toddler now, even though I was somehow expecting some bonding or other that I don’t really think happened. But there is a form of trust that comes with having sole care of the little one, and I appreciate that. For example, I really wanted to put him under water in the pool (in the way that they taught us at swim lessons, not to just dunk him for the hell of it), but I ended up never really trying it because I think it would have made him believe that I would let him come to harm. Which is completely fine.

This all said, I’m looking forward to a little help and sharing the load a bit when I get home. Not just because it’s ‘work’ (though it is), but also because we’re both missing home a little bit. Of course, since I’m writing this all the day before I’m traveling again with him, tomorrow will naturally be a disaster, but so be it.

Back in the swing

7 Sep

Yesterday was my first day of class this academic year. It went a touch worse than I had expected, but only a touch. I am surprised to still be nervous on first days, and I am team-teaching this senior thesis seminar more than I’m used to. Anyhow, nothing super-special going on here, but it seems like I should mark the beginning of this year with something more than a word and a whisper.

So work may just be a bit of a letdown in comparison to a lovely lovely weekend away, for the Labor Day holiday. We went to a friend’s house in the country (in this case country being a relatively unscathed stretch of the Catskills). Hurricane Irene almost knocked our plans out, but the weather turned out to be really great. Ladderball was played, good food and drink was eaten and drunk. We played Beatles Rock Band. Long walks. BB cried for the entire car ride up and back, but was pretty good while we were there. And we got to spend good times with some fellow Brooklyn peoples as well as some good peeps from Philly.

In other words, we had a great weekend. Very civilized.

Back, and jet-lagged

2 Aug

I’ll be posting more regularly (that’s right, your wait is over. Content is on the way), but right now it’s 9:17 and I can’t keep my eyes open. I don’t sleep well under the best of circumstances, but on a plane, next to a baby? No way. But baby was pretty awesome, whining for 20 minutes, and crying for maybe 10, on a straight-through flight from Honolulu to NYC. 9 1/2 hours.

He sleeps right now, but we’ll see what the time change does to a little body.

Oh, and baby mama put my phone in the washing machine. Thaaaat’s right. Content is on the way.