Breakfast, sweets

8 Apr

Ok, so here is the situation. Baby Bilbo eats when he wants and finds something he really likes. For instance, he loves breakfast. Pancakes, he’ll eat a prodigious amount. His normal breakfast is two instant packets of maple brown sugar oatmeal. Or a big bowl of Kashi cereal.

But there are days, a few a week, when I take him out, and on these days he eats banana bread, or muffins. We’re big on muffins. Yesterday (a Sunday) he ate some banana bread, some oatmeal, some cookie, some apple, some apple cider, some cashews, some chicken cutlet, some chicken broth with ABC pasta, some blueberry muffin.

Is this, I ask, too much sweets? I genuinely do agree with wife that I’m the culprit here, and it is mostly true that he doesn’t eat veggies. But I also just don’t know how much is too much, when to be all ‘meh’ and when to worry that we’re inculcating bad habits.

Plus, Jules always makes us (well, me) look bad by eating raw carrots and such. The healthiest thing ours will eat is lentil soup.

So seriously, should I even give a crap? I’m not going to put spinach in cupcakes or other silliness, but I can certainly cut back the baked goods baked into papa-baby rituals..


5 Responses to “Breakfast, sweets”

  1. Vinny Grette April 8, 2013 at 9:44 am #

    Kids are born to love sweets. But sugar is a killer over the long term and needs to be limited. If baby likes lentil soup, maybe you can start by adding other veggies to it? Will he eat cooked carrots? Maybe it’s the crunch that turns him off. Fruit is also a sweet but healthy treat – berries, apples, peaches…It’s worth researching ways to add fresh fruit and veggies into his diet and to persevere. That’s my opinion anyway 🙂

  2. Peter April 8, 2013 at 10:37 am #

    Carrots. Don’t get me started on carrots. I’ve roasted them, pureed them, braised them with brown sugar until they are mushy and more sugary than ice cream. I’ve put them in soup, and I’ve served them raw, cut into funny shapes to play with before eating. I’ve cooked them with salt and without, with cardamom and cinnamon. I’ve mashed them into a batter to make them into fritters. If there is a way to prepare carrots, I’ve tried it.

    He eats a ton of fruit, and I’m not really worried that he will never eat vegetables, honestly. I am guessing though, that you think my description of a sort-of-but-not-totally-typical day does include too much sweets.

  3. Beth April 8, 2013 at 12:51 pm #

    So, my mom is a total junk food junkie – as far back as I can remember she ate a brownie with a diet Pepsi every morning for breakfast. My sisters and I had both a “candy drawer” and a breadbox filled with Entenmanns goodies available to us throughout our youth. (Earliest pictures of my middle sister are of her stuffing Cheetos behind her pacifier.)

    Now that we are adults, I don’t really go to town on junk food. I love chocolate and will eat pretty much anything Entenmanns, but I mostly eat healthy. My cheetos sister is an exact replica of my mom, and all her kids eat junk like it is going out of style (they are skinny and picky eaters).

    Not sure what this tells you about sugar addiction or anything like that. My husband blames all my nieces’ issues on junk food (I of course am the sweets culprit with our kid). But I have my doubts…

  4. Peter April 8, 2013 at 1:02 pm #

    Of course, a good portion of the problem is that we are both culprits in terms of our own food consumption. I love the candy drawer. I recently learned, via a longtime friend of my parents, that when we were kids we got Hostess cupcakes, ding-dongs, etc., almost every day. My mom was the big culprit. But there aren’t gigantic weight problems in my family (well, maybe a brother who eats every single thing in the world).

    I don’t have massive issues about this, despite the post, I am just curious about what’s considered a lot. Honestly, can a muffin be worse than the maple brown sugar oatmeal he normally eats? If we were comparing a wholesome breakfast of plain oats and a banana versus a chocolate pop-tart, I get it. I’m just conflicted because I am self-admittedly the sweets culprit.

  5. Alan April 12, 2013 at 4:02 pm #

    fyi our “Jules” has gotten pickier of late too. and i also feel that my dear wife is pickier than I am about this sort of thing, while I’m more of a “everything in moderation” type.

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