23 Feb

First, here is baby scrounging for change between the couch cushions. I mean, what are you gonna do, really?


Second, I think we (briefly) breached stage three, before retreating to stage two. If you’re indifferent to clicking through that link, it’s a cute post about how to read Green Eggs and Ham to your toddler, even after you are sick to shit of reading it. For us, this includes Goodnight Gorilla, In the Night Kitchen, Where the Wild Things Are, Brown Bear Brown Bear, as well as such high profile titles as Peek-a-Who, Bedtime Peekaboo, and Trucks. It’s not that I mind these books, in fact I think many are pretty awesome. It’s just. Well, we have read them SOOOOOOOOOO many times.

So, after your kid has memorized the book, stage 1 is to read a sentence and then stop before the end. Mickey fell out of his clothes, past the moon, and into the light of the………..And after a moment, the kid will respond, “Night Kitchen!” At this point, we let him tell a decent part of the story this way.

Stage 2 is that you start substituting nonsense for the words. “I see a yellow…peanut butter sandwich!…looking at me.” (for Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?). After a moment, baby will be all, “No, papa! Yellow Duck!” Stage 3 is that he starts to get in on the making up stuff act. Stage 4 is you hide the book and pretend you’ve never heard of it. What wild things?

Third, I made a joke the other day, and I think it’s the first ‘bricolage’ joke BB got. I sometimes do a little airplane in the hangar action with food on the spoon, to get him to eat. It’s actually pretty cute. Here comes the airplane, the boat, the car, the whatever. The helicopter is a big hit. Then he opens wide, eats the food, and I play all coy, like “where did the helicopter go?!!?” He then points to his big open mouth, then his belly. Joy all around.

This time, I did the helicopter, then I said, “where did the helicopter go?!?!” then said, it must be a Bellycopter!!! He almost fell over laughing so hard. I had to repeat it 20 times. And he still thinks it is hilarious.

What’s neat is that he figured out helicopter, then that he points to his belly, then that bellycopter is a portmanteau, and finally that bellycopter sounds funny. All in all, a surprisingly sophisticated set of cognitive tasks to get to the joke.

I would say our baby is brilliant, but he also thinks he’s invisible if he can’t see you. Plus, he’s afraid of the feathers that sometimes come out of the sofa cushions.


One Response to “Bellycopter”

  1. Alan Iny February 27, 2013 at 1:00 pm #

    love the bellycopter joke. awesome.

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