On joining the ranks of the crazy

17 Sep

A series of texts from me to wife:
“Maybe a dozen to 15 people in front of me”
“Feels like being outside the room for the SATs”
“Knowing McSure-of-Herself near me tells me they accepted 0 new 2s last year, due to sibs priority”
“Nervous dad on other side asking, rather desperately, where else? where else?”
“2 dozen in line now”
“This is the most depressing concert ticket line ever”
“It goes to the end of the block now, maybe 40?”

At the end, the line stretched around the corner, and I would say topped out at about 60. For a “two’s” program that has something like 15 spots. This morning was the first day to drop off applications. And there I was, sitting in it. Office opened at 8am. I was there by 7.

The funny thing about this whole schtick is that we are not crazy. I’m mildly interested in a Montessori program, or possibly a Jewish tots program. Because, I think, school with an ideology are better than schools without one. But even saying ‘schools’ is a stretch for a 2-year-old (oh, he is not yet two, btw, this is fucking for next September). Our compromise is that I go drop off our application, while wife goes to high holiday services. My relative lack of piety is costing me my morning…

Meanwhile, I think the most likely outcome is that baby does daycare next year, no tot program at all, because we do not get into one or else we decide we don’t really want to shell out the jamillion dollars for it. The second most likely outcome is that we get “wait-listed” at one of the 2-3 program for which we are applying. The least likely outcome is that we have options for which program we can enroll baby.

In all of these scenarios, baby is going to be completely fine. Well-socialized. Well-taken-care-of. Even well-educated. And yet, here I am, 7am, in the most depressing concert ticket line ever.


2 Responses to “On joining the ranks of the crazy”

  1. Davin September 17, 2012 at 10:48 pm #

    Sweet usage of your morning. Thanks for posting, well worth reading as usual.

    Oh, I did catch one typo. First sentence of the third paragraph has the word “not” accidentally cut-and-pasted from somewhere else. Otherwise it all makes sense and reads fine.

  2. Peter September 18, 2012 at 9:08 am #

    Yes. Agreed, I tried to sneak that one past. Here’s the thing: this environment, it makes you into a person that you would not want to become, and then it tricks you into thinking that you’ve not really become that person. In 5 years, we’re going to be raising money for Poly Prep, talking about how down-to-earth we are. Just selling 430 more tickets for the raffle, and 3 more tables for the fund-raiser. Because you can’t put a price on love, and our baby is special.

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