18 months! Our baby is a year and a half!

15 Jun

Well, well, Brooklyn Baby turned 1.5 this week. We took him to the doctor for his year-and-a-half checkup. Baby memories of checkups past, and attendant shots, made this a bit of a traumatic experience. He is clearly his father’s pup in this regard – I didn’t like shots then, and have been afraid of needles on and off my whole life. Although once he realized there were no vaccinations this time, he chilled out a bit.

Turns out that aside from sensitive skin, he’s a pretty healthy baby. I know, right? We’re going to have to find something else to be anxious about for a while. In fact, the only really interesting moment of the examination was when Doctor asked if he’s saying any words. It turns out he’s got a couple dozen.

Which led us to make a list of the unabridged vocabulary of Brooklyn Baby. We’re counting words that are recognizably close but not perfect; we’re not counting words that are BB-speak for something that we understand but that no one else would. So, he drops the ‘g’ in ‘dog’, but it’s pretty clear he’s saying dog. But his weirdo Sleep Sheep rattle doll is named ‘Ma’ (which you can buy! And no, we don’t have multiple ones of them, I can preemptively say to my Queens-y friends. And yes, we’ll almost definitely be paying a price for this sometime in the future…). Here he is, using this in a sentence, from this morning at 6:25am: ‘Ma? Ma! Ma? Ma? Cards! Flower! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma!’ So…I’m not including Ma for lamb. No. Sorry. Also, baby mama would include pe-pe, which is how he says ‘penguin.’ I think that’s unreasonable, but she’s always giving him the benefit of the doubt. I’ll include it, because I’m not a total asshole. But with an asterisk. Cause I’m a little bit of a jerk.

Baby’s words at 18 months:
Park, dog, playground, flower, card, car, curtain, Mama, Papa, sack, bar, shoe, ball, bubbles, balloon, crack, puddle, Pooh (as in Winnie-the), moon, rabbit, turtle, bird, squirrel, penguin*, tree, leaf, down, cracker, bye-bye, hat, pants.

For those who are tempted to call child services, crack and bar are cracks in the sidewalk, and the bar of his foot brace, and sack is usually in reference to his sleep sack.

The mobility is still a tiny bit shaky – he walks, but can’t really kick a ball yet, and is a little unsteady. But it’s only been a month since he started doing it, so we’ll cut him some slack. For now.

Happy 1.5 years on the planet, baby boy! It all gets easier from here on in. Also, no more vegetables. I promise.


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