Master-class fathering

22 May

I was on my own the other evening, as baby mama was out getting high with her girlfriends (ok, she said she was at some sort of event at the International Center for Photography, but seriously, we know that’s a euphemism). Luckily, I’m a stone cold pro when it comes to dinner/bath/bedtime. Tonight, after a balanced meal of chicken, applesauce, raspberries, and plain yogurt (yes, our baby hadn’t eaten a vegetable in like 3 weeks, thank you very much), we did a little bath time. While rinsing his hair, I accidentally poured hot water over his head and down his back. He freaked. out. It was hot, but not scalding, man. I mean, life throws you curveballs, right? Roll with them, baby!

Instead, incredibly startled, crying, upset baby. I picked him up out of the tub to comfort him, and he peed on me. Poor little bubeleh. I literally scared the piss out of my baby.

So yeah, sometimes I don’t get it quite right.


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