A dozen for 2011 – an update

15 Dec

A while back (say, February), I posted a dozen for 2011, 12 projects I was hoping to accomplish during the year. It’s time to see how I made out.

1. Happy Birth Day – make birthday announcements. Status: DONE!

2. Baby B Board Books – make homemade board books for Baby, with Illustrator. Status: Bought the blank books, story-boarded out a couple of stories, made three illustrations, haven’t picked it up since.

3. Dashboard – make a personal development dashboard. Status: Bought a Fitbit and used it intermittently throughout the year. Kept no data on baby. Began to code a page which would mash-up a Google Maps and my fitbit data, to show a constantly-updated map of my walking mileage running between NYC and LA (like this, but with a person instead of car, and the route automatically updated). Got maybe 5-10% of the way done.

4. Sound Check – Archive the baby’s voice. Status: Did this pretty well, to about 6 months. Have video, but no systematic archive of sounds for the last 6 months or so. Enjoyed walking around with giant headphones and a big high-quality recorder for a while though.

5. Resource Party – Have a party, inviting various friends to share expertise. Status: Total fail. Untried at all.

6. 40th Birthday Walkback – Do a memory-lane, manual-typewriter-typed birthday present for my two closest friends. Status: 1/2, hit on one, missed on the other.

7. Sell, Baby, Sell! – Sell something on Etsy. Status: Originally planned to sell mandel bread or chocolate chip cookies, but selling food is actually something that needs to be licensed (though some don’t). Made a shitload of baked goods to test out recipe and brainstorm about marketing. Ultimately failed to post/sell a damn thing. Anyone wanna buy a dozen chocolate chip cookies? I’ll do it for $30/dozen. I’ll even throw in an extra.

8. POTD – Picture of the Day, a photo a day of the baby. Status: With help from my spouse, this project is just about complete. We need to backfill a bunch of photos from the end of November/beginning of December, but we’re pretty close to done. Going to call it a win. Let me know if you need the URL to access this.

9. Pull it Together, Man – Pull IDs from various social media. Status: I think I’m pretty far along here, surprisingly. I’ve mostly given up on Twitter, I have a kinda working FB strategy (I post, but almost always delete stuff from my own wall). Have domain names reserved for a switch down the road, feeling not complete but pretty accomplished about this.

10. They Write Letters – write 100 letters. Status: Probably wrote 25 letters all year. 3/4 fail.

11. Artsy Wall – hang a photo wall in the house. Status: It’s not pretty, it’s not professional, but it’s there. With some luck and a good eye from my partner, this should continue to grow. There is also a little wedge frame with baby’s cast on it, which makes it even better. Win.

12. Run, Fat Boy, Run – Get in shape. Status: Gained 10-15 pounds since baby was born. Wife lost like 30 pounds during the same interval. Screw you.

And there you have it. I’m thinking about themes for 2012. Ideas are welcome.


One Response to “A dozen for 2011 – an update”

  1. Davin December 16, 2011 at 8:53 am #

    The fact that you managed to even partially achieve anything in your first year as a parent is kinda impressive.
    Irritating, even.
    Can’t you be an exhausted, stressed, non-self-actualized walking embodiment of frustration (re: all non-parenting domains of life, at least) like the rest of us? Sheesh.

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