Birthday party

13 Dec


Partner and I generally disagree a bit on the value and necessity of birthday parties (me: smaller or not at all; her: as big as we can handle, with touches of class), but in this case she was right and I was wrong. If everyone we invited came, possibly it would have been too many (certainly more crowded. But you know, never too many). In the end, the final count was perfect. We missed our friends who couldn’t make it, though.

It was a low-key affair, the highlight of which was the Brooklyn Blackout cake. Baby mashed it up but good. The rest of us were a bit more dainty (though I caught E late at night raiding the fridge naked and wearing chocolate down her chin like a hyena ripping through a wildebeest. Or maybe I dreamed that last bit).

I don’t know how we’ll manage with bigger kids, in winter so that an easy outdoor affair is harder, but I’m sure we’ll manage. Surprisingly, we thrive on chaos. Or at least it doesn’t faze us. I even got to make goodie bags, for kids and adults (and we’re $5 ahead in scratchy lottery winnings!).

So happy birthday baby boy. We love you and hope to keep you around for a while!


One Response to “Birthday party”

  1. Ivy December 14, 2011 at 10:11 am #

    So sorry to miss this event, but glad it was a smashing success (pun intended). In the end, you’re probably glad we didn’t attend as VX came down with something nasty over the weekend and 4 days later we still have a cranky, feverish, and sad little toddler on our hands.

    I think of how far you guys have come as I recall that precious snowy moment that was BB’s bris. Kudos to both of you for making it through year 1 (and so well, too)!

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