Damn, croup

19 Sep

After a lovely day at the food truck rally in Grand Army Plaza (more on this in a second), and a weekend where my brother came out from Madison to visit his newest nephew, we had something of a new parent scare last night. Baby was sick all weekend, but during the last couple days his breathing had become more labored, his cough more apparent. I was still in the ‘it’s just a cold, everything’s fine, don’t worry about anything, just chill out’ mode when baby mama called the doctor. This was last night at 9pm. After I had been sitting in his room, holding the pool little monster up to my chest to calm him and allow him some chance of breathing, for about 30-40 minutes. Doctor immediately said to go to the ER, babies that age should not be laboring to breath.

At the ER, it was actually rather efficient. Triage right away for pediatric ER, immediate diagnosis of croup, immediate administration of a steroid to ease the inflammation of his throat and vocal cords, followed by a nebulizer with saline. We were home by 10:30.

Anyhow, first trip to the ER, first high anxiety moment with the baby, first feeling of relief that baby wasn’t having a massive asthma attack or worse, nor anything chronic (though croup could be chronic, I guess, at least for a few years). Hopefully the croup will abate, and we’ll have our happy little baby back.

Oh, and the humidifier we closed into his room actually steamed up the entire room, there was actually a cloud in his bedroom. I think it was cumulus.


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