Back in the swing

7 Sep

Yesterday was my first day of class this academic year. It went a touch worse than I had expected, but only a touch. I am surprised to still be nervous on first days, and I am team-teaching this senior thesis seminar more than I’m used to. Anyhow, nothing super-special going on here, but it seems like I should mark the beginning of this year with something more than a word and a whisper.

So work may just be a bit of a letdown in comparison to a lovely lovely weekend away, for the Labor Day holiday. We went to a friend’s house in the country (in this case country being a relatively unscathed stretch of the Catskills). Hurricane Irene almost knocked our plans out, but the weather turned out to be really great. Ladderball was played, good food and drink was eaten and drunk. We played Beatles Rock Band. Long walks. BB cried for the entire car ride up and back, but was pretty good while we were there. And we got to spend good times with some fellow Brooklyn peoples as well as some good peeps from Philly.

In other words, we had a great weekend. Very civilized.


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