28 Aug

Baby can basically get a couple of consonants strung together, mostly just ‘ba ba ba ba ba.’ He loves to just babble this way, but mostly nothing but ba ba ba. This despite my repeated attempts to get him to say ‘papa’ or ‘mama’ or some other words.

Today, he started saying ‘ma ma ma ma ma’ is baby mama’s general direction, so obviously she thinks it’s his first word. Then he looked at me, and said ‘Bert.’

Now baby mama is calling me Bert. So is my mother-in-law.

The indignities never end, do they?


One Response to “words”

  1. Alan August 29, 2011 at 7:10 am #

    Too bad our kid doesn’t say Bert (his mother’s name). Mama’s getting increasingly frustrated by our baby saying dadada in my direction, and bnananana in bananas’ direction, but no real mama (or Bert) yet. She’d be ok with dada coming first, but the bananas made her feel a bit bad…

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