The cryin’ aint never gonna stop

23 Aug

I don’t know if there is a causal connection here, but yesterday I write to my family updating them on baby’s development: “He is delighted with the world, probably 85% of the time. Just giant smiles, giggles, a halting but increasingly full-throated laugh. About 10% of the time, he’s just chill. And the other 5% he fusses, cries,
complains, and does other baby-like things.”

And this morning he wakes up at 3:50am crying, not going back to sleep. And now it’s 4:50am and I’m sitting here awake writing a blog post. WTF, baby?

UPDATE @5:25AM: The baby finally stopped crying. Or else the blood leaking from my ears has succeeded in muffling the sound.


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