Mom group adventures

22 Aug

So, this past Friday I had the baby all day, and while I was looking for fun stuff to do, it occurred to me that maybe I could get in on some of that hot mom-group action that my partner is always talking about. Park Slope Parents this and PSP that (um, not really so much). But still, this website home for the stroller mafia has lists and threads for almost anything you might imagine. Intimidating. When people point to PS as the home of the stroller mafia, PSP would be the centralized site for where the rebel parents are going to flashmob next.

Also, really, I don’t really know anyone in my neighborhood (for which I’d like to pretty much call Bullshit on all those people who talked about how I’d be making sooooo many new friends via my baby that I’d be fighting off the birthday celebrations and play dates), other than maybe our downstairs neighbors, and it’s kind of creepy to have your upstairs neighbor constantly knocking on your door asking if you and your babies can come out to play. Plus, lunch! How could I miss?

The group turned out to be much better in some ways than I had imagined. First of all, the lunch was indeed tasty. Bar Toto for the win, tomato-pesto-cheese panini and a salad/soup for like $12. There ended up being seven or eight of us, and while I was the only father, that didn’t seem to be much of a big deal. One of the things about teaching in sociology, and at a fancy-pants women’s college, is that I’m more or less used to being the only man in groups of women. Still, nice nice folks.

The babies, too, are pretty cute. Unsurprisingly, there was nary a conventional name to be seen. It was the ‘winter 2010’ babies group, which meant, since Bubeleh was actually born 12/13, that he is technically a ‘fall 2010’ baby. But rather than having him get trampled on by the bigger kids, in this group he could have eaten those other little babies. Plus, it gave me a whole ‘oh, you’re still doing a midnight feeding? That is sooo 6 weeks ago’ line of annoying responses.

There were two women in particular that were somewhat frightening, though still super-nice and friendly. One had just finished a half-marathon. I was trying to do the math on the training for this, as she had a 6-month-old baby. But since she let me know that there is a mom’s group that meets at a beer joint, well, who am I to complain.

The other woman was kind of a trip as well. First, while I’m all kinds of who cares about breastfeeding, man, she was pretty much nipples to the wind while doing it. We seriously need some new social mores to figure out how to manage the hatred/fetish/love/fear of boobies. I dunno. Maybe not so much ‘we’ as ‘I’. Plus, when people started talking about solid foods, which were good or bad, etc., said, ‘Oh, I make my own baby food. It’s not hard.’

Ok. I have actually said these two sentences. In a row even. But I have never heard them said out loud by someone else before. And let me say, there was a palpable ripple of ‘fuck you’ that spread around the table. I mean, wow, it turns out I must sound like a total dick. Yes, I know, knowledge that everyone already has about me, I’m sometimes slow to take it in.

Overall, it was a pleasant way to spend a Friday afternoon. I’m not sure any of these relationships are going to stick at all, since really I didn’t even swap info with any of these ladies. I guess I could go back to the PSP listserv and look up their info and such, but then it would probably be creepy.


4 Responses to “Mom group adventures”

  1. ethanmcc August 25, 2011 at 10:22 am #

    You may already know this trick, Peter, but Sarah and I were impressed at our friends, Jen and Eli’s ingenuity: they use an ice-cube tray to freeze individual chunks of pureed baby-gruel and then defrost one or two in the microwave as needed. Neato.

  2. Peter August 25, 2011 at 10:30 am #

    Yep, we use these as well (I’m using Smitten Kitchen’s method, FWIW). Of course, we have BabyZilla, which means that I have to defrost three cubes at a time, and he eats about 6 cubes of food at a feeding. I’m getting a little desperate in respect, the next step is to simply toss him a mutton leg or something.

  3. ethanmcc August 25, 2011 at 10:42 am #

    I wonder if there is any commentary in the online fora r.e. intravenous feeding. When ween when you can vein?

  4. Peter August 25, 2011 at 11:07 am #

    This seems funny, but if you ever have seen someone try to put an IV in a baby, it actually makes me cry. Not a joke, this link is in another tab, and I am actually tearing up from it.

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