Dead man walking

3 Aug

At least that is how I feel today. After getting home from HI around midday, I’ve gone from high energy to low energy, to dead on my feet. It didn’t help that baby, who went to sleep around 7:30pm last night, woke at 9, then 10:30, crying hysterically. 40 minutes later, like the awesome parent that I am, I was still all, ‘screw you, baby, cry it out sucka!’ But baby mama relented, went to play with our poor little thing, and then around midnight he (and partner) apparently went to sleep.

And they were still sleeping at 6 this morning! I, meanwhile, trudged off to my day job, which I had been neglecting for weeks (vacation? Pah!). And here I sit, like the dead, looking at my schedule and screen and trying to remember, wait, what did I even come here for this morning?

Anyhow, things in our household are back on rails. The dead iphone, which baby mama tossed in the washing machine, has limped back to life for now. A bag ‘o rice has delayed the inevitable corrosion and digital death for a bit of time at least. Ah, rice, you are both delicious AND an effective moisture wicker. When the rapture/heatpocalypse/snowpocalypse/zombiepocalypse comes, surely you will survive unscathed.

Things are afoot as well, baby-wise. Brooklyn baby is getting close to being mobile. It’s just a hop skip and a jump from there to mobile, agile, hostile. He’s got four teeth on top, and a couple on bottom; he craps bigger than Billy Crystal.

On the agenda this week: pick up my computer, contemplate a replacement phone, make some more baby food (pearsauce! peachsauce! minestrone soup!), get some sleep, re-find my bloggidy-voice. Finish Dance with Dragons. Gear up for more Sunday supper.

Remember, siate la fiamma non la falena!


2 Responses to “Dead man walking”

  1. Davin August 18, 2011 at 9:21 am #

    Ahem. Some of us are home on FMLA with newborns and we NEEDS NEW CONTENT! We needs it, precious! Don’t make me go all Queenz-bot on you.

    Actually, at the rate I’m going, it’ll be months/years before I get to dragon dancing, so you’re probably safe. For now.

  2. Alan August 19, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    I second that notion (despite being at the office). We miss you!

    (Actually we saw you last week, so really we just miss the blog)

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