Sunday Supper

27 Jun

Last night, we succeeded in hosting a Sunday Supper, the first of what I hope will be many over the coming years. An early supper on Sundays, to celebrate the week to come, family, food, and friends. The menu was absurdly complicated, considering the 6 month old. And the dinner took a surprisingly large amount of our time over the weekend, making it highly unlikely that we could do this every week (which was my original plan, actually). Plus, our apartment is just too small for lots of people, and though we have stuffed lots of people into our too-small apartment many times over the years, it just gets harder with baby. Boo hoo, right?

The menu:

  • Warmed olives with thyme and garlic
  • Brie, smoked gouda, and crackers
  • Honeydew and Cantaloupe, with mint and balsamic vinegar dressing, and prosciutto
  • Salad, with radishes, yellow pepper, Ossau Iraty cheese, toasted walnuts, and vinaigrette
  • Spinach Lasagna
  • Roasted broccoli and cauliflower
  • Vanilla ice cream, served in frozen oranges, with orange juice (creamsicle); and blueberries

We ended up with two sets of friends (including our neighbors; and our former closest friends in NYC, who will undoubtedly respond with something about Queens), two kids, two infants.

All told, it went surprisingly well, and even ended with whiskey and wine! BB actually got a bath and a semi-regular bedtime, neighbors used our baby monitor to hang out while their little ones slept downstairs, and the 2-year-old ball of energy was awesome, and totally sweet with our little one (though he did briefly consider appropriating Sophie the giraffe, before his mama intervened).

Baby mama and I have aspirations to re-emerge from our post-baby shell, and to cook and entertain at least somewhat like we used to do, back on the UWS. I think future dinners may be a bit less elaborate, though hopefully no less delicious. And we’re going to start cycling through, and widen, our social circles, shooting for inviting people roughly 6-8 people at a time. Plus, baby mama wants to start cooking, and cooking more healthy meals, which is awesome.

But whatever. With help from DH, the house looks pretty much back to normal, and deliciousness and conversation was had by all. We’re going to simply call this one a win and move on to the next.


3 Responses to “Sunday Supper”

  1. Ivy July 2, 2011 at 2:28 pm #

    Having been lucky enough to be a participant at this event, I have to concur that it was indeed a win! We were impressed at the ambitiousness of planning AND the successful execution. Thanks for the delicious food and the wonderful hospitality

    I will leave the Queens-expounding to my better half.

  2. Peter July 4, 2011 at 1:29 pm #

    Plus, we had leftover lasagna for a week! Plus, I think we may actually be friends with the neighbors now.

  3. Davin July 5, 2011 at 12:50 pm #

    Your neighbors are very cool peeps, thumbs up. You know where there are lots of people like that?

    Queenz, that’s where.

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