Away we go

3 Jun

This past weekend was the first of a number of trips we’re taking this summer. Our aim is to, finalement, figure out if we want to stay in New York and make it happen, or else move someplace else. It’s like Away We Go, but without the self-important self-deprecation of John Krasinsky. We are city people, which means that we are looking at mostly godless, Blue State bastions of hippy, socialist liberaldom. Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Portland, Bay area, Chicago, Hawaii. We have stage one Portlanditis. We’re visiting Philly soon as well.

The deal is that other places are so much more livable than New York is. Baby mama hits the ‘the schools! the schools! Won’t anyone think of the baby!’ note (which is true, really, since you can be in the ‘correct’ district for a good public school and still get wait listed. And people do shit like actually rent an apartment in a district for express purpose of having an address to get into a particular public school, then move), but I’m just getting fed up with the fact that our rent is more than our friends’ mortgages, and for our money we get a creaky-floored, old-ass bathroomed, dimly-lit, tiny inefficient dishwashered, no-air conditioned, 2-bedroom apartment. And for this we are all, yeah, but we’re near the park! So for the privilege of living in one of the best locations in the country, we live in pseudo-poverty. And we are just not totally sure it’s worth it. Thanks a lot, finance, for fucking up the city for the rest of us. Assholes.

Bay area is about the same, though. And the cost of living in Hawaii is insanely high. Chicago has freezing weather, Portland is small, Seattle has no sun, Philadelphia has no economy. Meanwhile, our Boston friends are telling us to move to the Boston suburbs; our Queens friends are telling us how much space we’d get in Queens; our Scarsdale friends are telling us to stay the fuck away from Scarsdale. What’s a family to do?

We’re working on it. More on this to come, natch.


4 Responses to “Away we go”

  1. Alan June 4, 2011 at 2:19 am #

    Montreal is a great choice in terms of value for money. It’s cold part of the year, but no worse than Boston, which seems on your list. And you’d be part of Canada, which is good for NYC quasi-socialists like us. Not sure about your french skills though.

  2. livingoutsidethescreen June 4, 2011 at 11:56 pm #

    Ah, but “the schools, the schools” in Scarsdale can’t be beat! And we have the greatest pool complex in this galaxy. AND we’re near a park! And it might be suburbia, but it’s pretty godless around here as well.

  3. Davin June 5, 2011 at 9:59 am #

    Have you considered Queens?

    You’d get a lot more space…

  4. Peter June 6, 2011 at 10:53 am #

    Montreal, I dream of Montreal. But when your city builds an underground, for use when winter comes, that my friend is what we calls ‘data.’

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