Baby food

24 May

Ok, first of all, I just love mothering forums. Love love love. Thinking about feeding our kid his first foods, I look around at how long babies can go with just breastmilk. And get this forum. I particularly liked the “our naturopath said…” I mean, shit, we don’t even have a naturopath.

And I am indeed on one parent forum. To the completely reasonable question, “Any thoughts on how to prepare a child for a sibling?” I responded, “Honesty is the best policy. Just tell babyboy#1 that he’s about to become a lot less important. There’s only a certain amount of love to go around, after all…” I know, right? Lucky we’re friends already, but apparently, for whatever reason, the others on the forum think I’m some sort of asshole or whatevs.

Oh, right, baby food. So, BB has a couple of teeth coming in! They look like this:

And of course, I’m all, ‘let’s get that baby some bacon!’ But we settled on applesauce, which I made following the lovely Smitten Kitchen. It was delicious. I made 6 lbs of apples’ worth, and baby ate maybe 2 tablespoons. But he liked it. Baby mama liked it more. She and I ate the rest. Next up, I’m going with the vanilla pear sauce. Then maybe something more vegetable-ish. And a friend suggested congee, which is basically watery rice gruel. Mmmm, baby gruel, maybe with mushy carrots!

Anyhow, it’s kind of trip to think that soon enough the babe will be eating food (though 99% of his nutrition is still breastmilk/formula currently). How old before he can eat Brooklyn Blackout cake, me wonders….


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