15 May

I don’t want to say anything that might ruin this movie for you, just wanted to report that I went with a work colleague, who is reliably the snobbiest movie-goer I know, to see Bridesmaids. Actually, she would say that she sees films, not movies. I thought we were in for an artsy picture at the Angelika Film Forum. But no! Bridesmaids! It is definitely a movie, not a film. And it’s funny! And the scene with Kristen Wiig at the bridal shower is pretty brilliant. It all would have been more brilliant if my friend didn’t wait me wait 30 minutes for her, forcing us to sit in the front row. Front frickin’ row! After, we went to a cool restaurant in the village, called Bell, Book, and Candle. Yum.

Where was beloved baby mama? Back watching the baby, naturally. She’s been quite generous about freeing me up to go do things with friends. I think part of the dynamic that we realized is that I don’t really have a lot of friends here in New York, after being here for 6 years or so. I mean, we have couple friends. And the truth is that I’ve never had a ton of ‘guy’ friends – I’m in a field that is dominated by women, at a women’s college, and I’ve never really been a guy’s guy kind of guy.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, but to say that I appreciate both the fact that I went out twice this week – once with a guy friend who we originally met as a colleague of our (previously) Closest Friends in New York but who is now a friend in his own right, and once with a woman who works in the office next to me at my department. And I appreciate that there are a few people with whom I find it worthwhile to ditch the darling babe for, to go out and have fun. Good times!


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