Dear Little One, part 2

20 Apr

Some time, when you’re older, you might wonder what kind of baby you were, and what kinds of things we did with you. By the time you want to know these things, we will probably have forgotten them. So, here are some things about your baby-hood, baby:

– Your mama used to sing Simon & Garfunkel’s song, “At the zoo

– When you were just weeks old, you would wake up every couple hours to eat. And when you did, you would cccrrrrrryyyy! To calm you down, I would dance with you while singing Louis Prima’s song “Buona Sera.”

– We swaddle you when we put you to sleep, but somehow you seem to Houdini your way out of the swaddle almost every time. We don’t know how you are doing it.

– Your favorite toy is a multicolored caterpillar, which we shake while moving it towards you. You get all excited, and try to stuff it in your mouth.

– You once went four days without pooping, and we got so worried we called your doctor. Everything was fine.

– When you were released from the hospital, your bilirubin levels were high. We had to get you blood tests for four days after that, where they poked your heel to get blood. Once they took it from a vein in your arm, with a baby needle.

– We ended up needing to bring you to the hospital, to put you under UV lamps in a neonatal warmer, for a night. It was, at the time, the most stressful night for your mama. The would only let one of us stay with you, so I went home and slept.

– There was a blizzard on the day of your bris. We said nice things about you, and your grandma cried.

– You are easy to soothe, and you don’t really cry much. You are such a happy baby that when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is smile wildly at me.

– We casted your foot when you were a couple weeks old, and re-casted it over the next couple months. You almost never cried, and the orthopedists and technicians all commented on how easy you were. Even during your tenotomy, you were easy to soothe.

– You love playing in your Gymini, where you can contentedly bat around the giraffe, monkey, bird, and elephant for hours at a time. now, you grab them to put them in your mouth.

There’s more, but if I were to describe you at 4 months, I would say you are happy, fat, and chubby-cheeked. You love to be held, and you put everything in your mouth. You sit through baths without crying or loving them, and you don’t freak out easily. And when you do, you are easy to soothe. Overall, you’re pretty much a model baby. We don’t know what Benjamin 2.0 will look like, but Benjamin 1.0 is great.


2 Responses to “Dear Little One, part 2”

  1. Erica May 5, 2011 at 5:50 pm #

    A few others to add:

    – You LOVE Katy Perry, especially the song “Fireworks.” When it comes on we dance around the room or bop your body to the beat. You laugh and laugh.

    – You’ve started popping your feet straight up in the air frequently. You even sleep for hours in this jack-knife position. Impressive. Since you still wear the foot brace 23 hours a day, I’m convinced that one day you’ll knock me in the head with your feet and I’ll pass out.

    – Your favorite book is one about colors — page after page of brightly colored objects. My favorite (which you seem to like too) is “Barnyard Dance.” Your papa likes “Jamberry.”

    – You are so adorable and charming, I soften and smile every time I look at you. When you smile back at me, I am putty.

  2. kimmy f May 5, 2011 at 9:34 pm #

    Ah, the multi-colored caterpillar! We called him “wormy.”. Todd: “who’s billy rubin?”

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