12 Apr

My brother relates that when his boy was one year old, he got really sick for the first time. Poor, helpless babe couldn’t breathe, couldn’t sooth, and didn’t know what was going on. My brother gathered him up in his arms, held him, and told him everything was going to be ok. Babe turned to his dad, trustingly. And threw up directly into his ear hole.

BB caught a cold or something this past weekend (after getting immunization booster shots on Thursday. Coincidence? Doubt it. The vaccine-autism-cold virus-conspiracy continues!), which has been mildly annoying from the medical perspective, but incredibly disturbing from the parenting one. Somehow used to getting 6-7 (interrupted) hours of sleep a night, I am now getting 4 or so. Baby can’t breathe, wakes himself up, cries. I rock him in my arms until he is sleepy again, put him down in his crib. Baby immediately wakes up, coughs, sneezes, makes a chokey-wheezy sound, and I pick him up, rock him, etc. Baby mama, who is also sick, takes her turns in the rocking sleeping roulette. And she should, really. It’s from her that BB got his cold in the first place.

Meanwhile, because I’m not a heartless asshole, I’m trying to keep both of these yokels in sleep patterns. Over the weekend this meant a disparate amount of childcare, which is par for the course in these circumstances. I want both to get well, and soon. But it also just highlights that however much we seem to have things together, we are just a hair’s breath from having it all go to shit. All it takes is a cold, and suddenly the machine falls apart.

That said, baby seems to be feeling better. And baby seems to be feeling better. I took BB up to Morningside Heights during our super-nice-awesome day yesterday, to meet my colleagues. So almost two hours of subway, plus a short nap on my office floor, plus some meet-n-greets, and things do appear to be back on track.

And now that he’s gotten his cold out of the way, we’ll thankfully never have to deal with that again.


One Response to “Cold”

  1. Ivy April 14, 2011 at 10:47 pm #

    Ooof, sorry to hear that E and Baby B did not bounce back after my visit on Friday. Might I offer another explanation for the cold? Not the shots, per se, but the pediatrician’s office (where all manner of delightful germs frolic). Yay.

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