Good days

21 Mar

Yesterday, we slept in, played with the little one, met some friends for coffee and cookies, made a new 5-year-old friend, went to the park, got the baby to take 2-3 naps (short, but still, naps!), put him to bed at 7:30, made delicious dinner, baby slept until 3:30am (8 hours!), and then again until 6am.

The dinner was beggar’s pasta. And baby mama went from ‘no thanks, I don’t like cooked fruit in food’ to ‘wow, that smells nice’ to ‘Ok, maybe I’ll have a third helping.’ The dish is incredibly aromatic, looks beautiful, tastes unusual and delightful. I used apricots and figs, with pistachios and pecans. I would substitute raisins for the apricots next time, as the apricots are pretty overpowering. And a little orange zest on top. And cheese. And salt and pepper. We got the shelled pistachios at Fairway, that was the only thing hard to find. The dish tastes heavenly.

We hear people often tell us some version of ‘OMG, the baby, it goes so fast, you need to really enjoy him while he’s little!’ This is the kind of day I will remember.


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