A Dozen for 2011

25 Feb

Inspired by Defective Yeti, I’m putting together a list of a dozen of my pet projects for 2011. Some are in process, some haven’t started, etc etc. The log line is deliberately vague, per Yeti’s advice.



Log Line


Happy Birth Day

Crafts, Kinwork

Put together and send out birth announcements for the little one.

Mostly done. The last piece of the puzzle is getting snail-mail addresses for all of our family and friends.

Baby B Board Book (B4)

Crafts, Personal Development

Make some homemade board books, using Adobe Illustrator.

Have written the copy for one book, ordered blank books, made one image in AI.


Personal Development, Internet

Data Garden/Visualization of life or work or baby

Tried a bit. Read up on php, but lacks a compelling raison d’être.

Sound Check

Personal Development

Archive the baby’s voice, from post-natal squeaks to cooing, to speech.

Failing. I missed the squeaks with some ill-played tech fumbles, and when he cries I’m feeling like a monster documenting it rather than soothing him. Hoping to pass this off to the missus.

Resource Party

Kinwork, Personal Development

Throw a kickin’ resource party.

I dunno. I tried to do this as bilateral expertise swaps but in absence of a hard plan, it’s not happening. Plus, I think my circle of friends is too close-ties to be able to pull this off.

40th Birthday Walkback


I did this for a brother on his 40th, to make a list of some of my memories of things we’d done together, funny, big, trivial, critical. I’d like to do this for my two friends who are turning 40 this year. Then type them up on the old-fashioned typewriter, nice stationery, and send it to them.

I fear it’s a bit late. One has a birthday in late March, the other in early April. If I can get it together to start in the next week or two, I may be able to knock this off.

Sell, baby Sell!


One of my main year-goals this year is to sell something on Etsy. If I can list it, I suspect I can strongarm a friend or two into purchases. So it’s a little more like get something listed on Etsy.

Two ideas are in the can, the most promising is to sell Mondel Bread. Need a designer for my packaging, if anyone wants to get involved?


Personal Development, Fathering

A photo a day of Brooklyn Baby.

January? check. February? check.

Pull it Together, Man

Technology, Personal Development

Wrest back my identities from Facebook, Twitter, WordPress (this site included!). Eventually host my own identity on my own ISP. And get out of the Lobster Traps of the early 21st Century.

No idea how to do this without disappearing myself from my social circles.

They write Letters


100 Letters, hand-written or manual-typed, to friends, family, maybe even strangers.

If I don’t count the spate of letters written last summer, I’m at, roughly, zero.

Artsy Wall


Create a Wall of photographs for our apartment.

Ordered 1 print, of a cute photo of me and Brooklyn Baby. No frame. No plan.

Run, Fat Boy, Run

Personal Development

I’m working on an appropriate amount of distance, and a way to mark it. Ideally a self-updating map of the US, with me running across it, one mile at a time, measured by my fitbit.

Too much sloth, not enough Active Monkey.


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