Passed out naked, laying in your own vomit

5 Feb

During the 1:30am feeding, Baby B decided he didn’t really want the breast, or at least the second breast. His eating habits have become more, oh, let’s say, varied – sometimes eating well, sometimes not, sometimes eating for 5 minutes and becoming pissed off. He’s also developed an excellent spit-up technique. Last week, he fountained a stream of spit-up at his baby mama to cover hair, shirt, pants. Fascinating. I don’t know what kind of baby night school he’s enrolled in, but they’ve been teaching that lesson well. Finally, he’s learned how to slip almost any swaddle – the miracle blanket will hold him, but he screams murder when you put him into it. Otherwise, he is a swaddle Houdini.

Anyhow, at the 1:30am feeding, we had taken off his onesie, so as better to agitate him and freeze him out, hoping for better eating. When done, left the onesie off, swaddled him, and put him right back to bed (yay, Dear old Dad!). But at 5am, I awoke to find him out of the swaddle, with spit-up all over himself, kind of sadly whimpering. I cleaned him up, dried him off, and let him fall back asleep on my chest, on the sofa in the living room.

But I also wrote ‘BALLS’ on his forehead in a big black marker. I mean, if I don’t teach him the rules of drunken pass-out, who will?


One Response to “Passed out naked, laying in your own vomit”

  1. Kim February 7, 2011 at 11:59 pm #

    I think you need to start a parallel photo album of his and your firsts. The drunken pass out with “Balls” emblazoned should be Exhibit A.


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