6 weeks of Baby

23 Jan

Today (well, 1:30am tomorrow) marks six weeks in the life of a small person in our household. Let’s run some numbers:

For the first 4 weeks, he ate an average of 10 times per 24-hour day. For the last two weeks, he’s eaten an average of 9 times per 24-hour period (We haven’t tracked everything, it’s not an exact science). This means he’s eaten about 406 times since he’s been outside the womb. Figuring 2 oz. per feeding over the last month or so, with less at the outset, and we’re at 266 2-oz feedings, and 140 1-oz feedings (Averages. Yes, colostrum at the outset was probably much less). That’s 672 ounces of breast milk. Or 5.25 gallons of the stuff. Oh, and at about 30 minutes per feeding, that’s about 203 hours of nursing. My math might be a bit off here.

Diapers, geez, we haven’t kept good track. I can track down 400 or so diapers via orders and receipts, but I think it’s likely higher. Figuring once per feeding, and then times when he poops while you are changing him, pees all over the walls, you, himself, his new diaper, etc. We’re likely at 450, conservatively.

Newborn babies cry about 2-4 hours per day, and ours has been no exception. He’s not a super crybaby, so we’re maybe on the low side of average. Maybe. Baby. Still, that’s 126 hours of crying. Or 5.25 full days of crying, spread out over the past 6 weeks. My favorite is when he shouts as loud as he can, right in your face, while you are trying to change his diaper or his clothes.

We’ve gotten 17 hours of sleep since 12/13/10. Collectively. That’s 8.5 hours for my wife, and 8.5 hours for me. Actually more like 10 for her and 7 for me. I’ve spent half of those hours dreaming stress dreams of work, and dreams of a giant baby playing board games with Ghandi and Bobby Fischer. Ok, that last one only happened once.

Our house has been professionally cleaned twice, and it still is messier than it was on 12/12.

My wife has complained about pain during breastfeeding 117 times. I responded sympathetically 86 of those times. The rest I mostly nodded. Once I yelled at her and made her cry.

The baby weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces at birth. Then 6 lbs, 7 oz. when we took him home. 6 lbs. 14 oz. a week later, after IV and feeding when we took him back for the jaundice. Because of his cast, we don’t have much opportunity to track his weight au natural. But a week ago, we weighed him in between castings, and he weighed 9 lbs. 13 oz.

We have written dozens of thank you notes, and responded to over a hundred email congratulations, notes, check-ins. Baby mama wrote most of the notes. I mostly respond to the emails.

I have 1016 emails in my inbox.

Some things are less quantifiable of course. I wouldn’t call life with BB ‘magical’ or anything. But it certainly is life-changing.


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