Other stuff happened, too!

11 Dec

If my lack of posts somehow appears to imply we didn’t do anything in the past week or so, well then I say au contraire! You got it wrong! There is a hair in your soup, mon ami!

First, we went to see our financial planner, to get the preliminary results of our financial full cavity search self-audit. Turns out we are pretty much on track. Oh, except if anything happens to either of our jobs. Um. And if we want our kid to go to college at all. Er. And as long as we don’t buy a house, or have baby mama get disabled. Meh. It’s a painful reminder of our collectively long-term financial negligence helpful baseline for planning our financial future. It used to be 1) do what we love; 2) carefully save our pennies; 3) live the good live. Now it’s more like: 1) whatever; 2) hope; 3) Sugar Town! Fucking Americans.

Ah but I exaggerate. A change here or there, some painful choices, and a bit of luck, and we will hopefully be fine. We live the lives of privileged White people in America, with the insane good fortune to have been born into resource-rich families.

So we come home from our financial planning meeting, and who is awaiting us, but baby mama’s best friend from childhood, who has swooped down from Boston to help us get our home into baby-shape. Let’s call her Boston Helper Monkey. From the moment she arrived to the moment she left, BHM was a raging bundle of enthusiasm and love and energy and ideas for happy baby, happy mama, happy home.

Author's artistic rendering of Boston Helper Monkey

Aside from bringing da good baby stuff from Boston, BHM spent Saturday from about 11am to about 7pm organizing, moving stuff, hiding stuff, curbing stuff, storing stuff. The space under our bed is packed tighter than Conan O’Brien into a pair of jeggings. Non-stop energy, man. Awesome, in the classical sense (BHM, non Conan). I mean, come on, she staged our living room! Our place looks a million times better, we actually have some of the spaces for baby that we were worried about, and while the nursery still looks suspiciously like an office, I think with some careful revisiting we can make it work. I mean, not by the time the baby comes, oh no. But soon.

And finally, when BHM went home (not before driving us to our storage place, and to who knows where in Queens), we met our formerly closest friends in NYC – now just dear friends – for an afternoon of strategically organized real estate pushing playful exploration of their neighborhood. I’m not gonna say too much about this, but suffice it to say that we ‘happened’ to pass by a local real estate office, and just a couple open houses, while jaunting about Forest Hills. Which I ended up being a downer about (the words of the House of Peter: Haud Consentio , Haud Consensio – No Buy-In, No Harmony).

But this was made up for with delicious Italian food, a charming little boy, and a ride back home. Where we proceeded to collapse in heaps of exhaustion and gratitude.


3 Responses to “Other stuff happened, too!”

  1. Davin December 11, 2010 at 8:25 am #

    Yes! Our ill treatment of Peter finally merits a blog mention! (exchanges high five with Ivy)

    BTW, are you Krazy-Blogger enough to have this place be the vehicle for The Big News? I mean, should we all be obsessively refreshing the site this week?

  2. Peter December 11, 2010 at 9:22 am #

    Yeah, if I was Taylor Swift I’d have totally written a catty payback song about you.

    Probably not going to announce here, FYI

  3. Davin December 13, 2010 at 12:47 pm #

    First post baby comment!
    Welcome to Benjamin Riley – you’re in good hands, kid.

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