Two weeks out

2 Dec

It’s now T-minus two weeks until baby time, and I find myself feeling…well, I don’t rightly know. If I was honest about it, maybe a little bit meh. I know, right, what an asshole, biggest thing of his life and he’s got to be a hater about it.

Maybe it’s more like when you’re about to go on vacation, and you’re packing and prepping and all that for it, but you’re just not super excited about it yet. Except for instead of vacation it’s a baby, and instead of excited it’s freaked out. And instead of packing it’s preparing for a wholesale change in the rest of your life.

Meanwhile, I’m off to breast-feeding class with my now 7 years married sweetling. I’m a little bit worried about what they’re going to do for illustration or practice or whatever. I’m not prepared in the least to look at strangers’ boobs.


2 Responses to “Two weeks out”

  1. Peter December 3, 2010 at 12:56 pm #

    As feared, stranger boobs were on offer. Along with the helpful, but also kind of crunchy-prescriptive warnings about how important breast feeding is, etc. After the instructor said that ‘historically’ the age at which women stopped breastfeeding was 4 years old, I said ‘historically when?” And she replied, ‘historically, for thousands of years.’ I was all, um, is there some kind of non-doula-written published citation for that, dude?

    Well, I didn’t actually say out loud that last part. But it was definitely written on my face. Yesterday was just a long day.

  2. Davin December 3, 2010 at 9:32 pm #

    Don’t worry. You’re not an apathetic useless failure of a father until you get a ‘meh’ feeling with the baby already in his/her crib. Happens to everyone from time to time…

    Except in Queenz. Not here.

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