Flying Home

23 Nov

Assuming all goes well with the labor/delivery/postpartum, we intend to fly to Chicago in February with the little one in tow. But then I read this article, and, combined with the new porno-cancer-scanners and some TSA dude feeling up my balls, I’m feeling less enthusiastic about flying in general, and flying with a baby in particular. Of course we’ll do it, and I’ve been tracking flight fares to Chicago (still $205, farecast says to wait). But what a hassle.

The thing is, I love to get around to different places, but I hate to travel. Or rather, the travel experience has become so shitty that it’s incredibly off-putting. I don’t even know that having a baby is the decisive factor here. I’m just going to repeat my travel mantra: it’s worth it, it’s special, I can do this.


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