The frenetic mind of an internet junkie

22 Nov

I don’t really have anything witty or funny or insightful to say about life at the moment. Although there was one thing: in a surreal blogo-juxtaposition yesterday, wife complained that she needed to catch up on our lives. By reading my blog. While I sat 3 feet away. Even though I had just written about the glider chair, which was sitting right in front of her, while she was reading about it on the internet. And then she complained that I’m not keeping her updated on what’s going on, because her best friend called and commented on posts and stuff. Like I’m somehow not sharing.

Instead, I thought I would share the kinds of things I’m looking at nowadays on the interweb tubes, when I’m not sociologizing. Usually I browse/read/search/poke around, and when I find something that hits me, I bookmark it for later rather than heading down the rabbit trail immediately. Delicious, or Pinboard, or Instapaper all work well, depending on your temperament and tech-savvy.

So, some stuff.

Things I want to buy, or covet, or am researching:

  • I’m trying to decide on what kind of video to get, for baby and beyond. This one (the Panasonic) and this one (the Canon) seem pretty awesome.
  • We’re looking for file cabinets, to replace the flimsy, small cabinet we have. After trolling Apartment Therapy, I found this one, which seems practical, and relatively reasonably priced. And this one, which actually looks fantastic, but is going to cost me a kidney.
  • I also love these products, specifically the book covers for the iPad. Of course, since neither of us has intention to purchase said iPad, the cover is probably putting the cart ahead of the horse.


  • One day, we hope to buy an apartment, or house, or something. And when that day comes, I am plotting how to get this plate wall idea past baby mama (who, I’m guessing, would hate it). My backup plan is to push for this wall of photographs.
  • And the walls of our fancy-pants place should be painted like these, with one bathroom wallpapered with Orla Kiely wallpaper.


Honestly though, I doubt I’ll get to any of these. They do look tasty though.

Finally, trivia/infotainment:

  • Baby mama and I had a hilarious conversation about TV shows with a single father on them. She pulled out all kinds of TV memory that boggled my me (My Three Sons, Silver Spoons, Gimme a Break). But then I found a mostly definitive list, and I realized that, damn, there have been a crap-ton of lousy, one-season shows. Plus, Benson!
  • And honestly, Squrrel Girl is the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe. First, she defeated Doctor Doom all by herself. And her official powergrid ratings are maxed out. Maxed. Out. (via lunch bag art, which I’m throwing in because, well, it’s a blog about lunch bag art)

Just a glimpse. I have been pretty obsessed with Starcraft 2 as well, lately, and I get a kick out of watching replays with commentary on the Youtubes.


2 Responses to “The frenetic mind of an internet junkie”

  1. Kim November 22, 2010 at 11:14 pm #

    Love the design ideas. Don’t forget to incorporate a room for me. (I’ll pay you back in photos for that photo wall.) For the filing cabinet, Ikea actually has this really cool, affordable, tomato-red one. I got a small version. I saw some more like the wood one you liked at Overstock, but cheaper and a laminate instead of solid wood, but who can argue with $2.95 shipping? And if you are *ever* embarking on a chili venture, you have to talk to my brother-in-law, John. He is the Columbus, OH chili champ for the 4th year running!

  2. Peter November 23, 2010 at 8:40 am #

    I saw the red one at Ikea, didn’t look big enough. The one at Overstock looks good, but it’s white. The big deal with file cabinets is that they so often work so crappy. In some bizarro world where I have craft skills, I could buy and install good drawer brackets, but I don’t live in that world 😦

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