Baby furniture

20 Nov

So, we’re just about done getting baby furniture, with the glider arriving today and the crib arriving on Monday. Usually Jews don’t buy furniture until the baby is born, but I’m Jew-ish, and the last-minute lifestyle seems to be much better suited to either the urban rich, suburban upper-middle classes, or else people who live in a small, tight-knit community where someone else with do lots of stuff on your behalf. Since we don’t live in a Shtetl, we’re buying stuff as we go.

I’m tempted to self-mock, since the glider was a super-expensive gift, and it very much falls under the NOT, in the ‘possible to raise a normal kid in Park Slope’ category. But g’damn, the thing is comfortable! If you ever want to pop by just in order to sit in the glider chair, it may totally be worth the trip.

Let’s just say it came from this place, whose tagline is ‘modern luxury for you and your child.’ And in the kind of logical maneuver which only really makes sense to my wife, we’re supposed to feel justified in this because we decided to forgo the $800 Stokke crib or $500 changing table. Really, we’re $1300 ahead of the game! So naturally, we’re considering buying the matching ottoman.


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