Mother-in-law adorableness

14 Nov

But first, a brief conversation we had about banking cord blood:

MiL: So, a friend on my trip is a public health professional, and he was talking about cord blood, and I think you guys should look into it. It’s your baby’s own blood, just in case you need it. It seems like it’s worth it. It’s stem cells, that are an exact match for your baby!

Me: (laughing) Yeah, we’re not saving the cord blood.

MiL: Hey, don’t laugh, this is something you should look into, you should ask your doctor the next time you’re there.

Me: (no longer laughing) Yeah, no. The whole thing is kind of a scam, and any company whose marketing is basically “if you love your baby, use our product. If you are a selfish monster, don’t” doesn’t get any consideration from me. We’re not doing cord blood.

MiL: Ok, tell me how you really feel, you dick.

Ok, she didn’t say that last bit. If she did, it would be pretty awesome though, in the complete-360-from-my-normal-character kind of way. And even after I was kind of a dick, after looking into the research later on, she emailed me to say that publicly banking cord blood would be a good idea, but that for ourselves not so much.

So yeah, I’m getting a rep for shutting down on my mother-in-law. Which is a shame. Cause she is kind of awesome. In fact, I think I’ve won a gold medal in the mother-in-law Olympics. She’s attentive, darling, very active, interesting, sends us cute gifts, and lives 5000 miles away. All of her comments come from enthusiasm, and none of them in passive aggressive twisting the knife kinds of ways. Seriously man, can you even come close to topping this? I mean, the truth is that I don’t write enough about the times when my mother-in-law says stuff that makes us smile.

Case in point, she recently emailed baby mama to ask her if she could recommend some parenting books. She is thinking about taking a baby care, since it’s been a while, and she wants to come into town and actually help us out for a month or two after baby is born. But she wants to know what we’re reading, because she wants to be on the same page, philosophically, with how we want to raise our kid. Rock on, mother-in-law! If this keeps us, I’m going to have no one left to make fun of. I mean, sure, there’ll be my wife, but still…


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