Lying to my kids

20 Oct

Honestly, I wish this were a little better done, in terms of the father’s acting. But I love that there is potential for this to develop over time, of course, and the whole premise is kind of awesome. Plus, I like that there’s potential for a good, long-term, insidious messing with your kids’ heads going on. That you would tell your kids that you’re not their real parents is where the dude is going to get flack.

I’m one of those people who is totally hypocritically contradictory about lying, and I would guess that this will go especially for my kid. I am not committed to truth, especially when the lies are purposeful and the reasoning behind them is well-intentioned. I generally don’t lie about the big stuff, but I’m less concerned about ticky-tack stuff. But then I think about whether I’m going to lie to my kid, and I get all ‘the world is a hard, cold place, and we don’t gain anything by sugar-coating it.’ I mean, where does that come from?

The one thing I learned early on from Sociology is that we’re not socialized, as contemporary Americans at least, for death. And we do suffer for this, in many non-trivial ways. But still, do I want to be the one telling my 5-year-old the hard truths about life and death? I guess so. I might lie for a while though. I’m not going to lie about Santa Claus though, we Jews have been through enough to have to do that as well.

Plus, even with the lies, I don’t imagine myself a ‘the puppy went to a big happy farm upstate’ kind of person. I’m more of a ‘when we die we all return back to that great bubbling morass of death and shit and chaos from which Cthulhu dragged us out to be his playthings on Earth. It’s in New Jersey’ kind of guy. Or maybe I’ll just tell the kid that s/he has the singular power of life and death, due to the wildly supernatural circumstances of his/her birth. And because of this, every time s/he cries, someone in the world dies. And when s/he smiles or quietly goes to sleep, rainbows and unicorns are made. You think that might work?


One Response to “Lying to my kids”

  1. Davin October 20, 2010 at 12:54 pm #

    Like. A. Charm.

    Not looking forward to these issues, myself.

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