A couple notes on buying baby stuff

12 Oct

We’re at the point now where the ‘theory’ of having a baby is coming into contact with the logistics of actually preparing for the baby to arrive. Over the past weekend, my wife, her mother, and a friend – an awesome friend, who is probably lurking about someplace – went to visit Buy Buy Baby, the equally appreciated and maligned baby store (seriously, this is the most egregiously disgusting store name I can think of. I find it so not-cute and so materialistic and crass that it makes me want to spit. Consume consume consume consume). Subsequent discussions between me and wife have been delightfully tension-filled, as we scratch over and again at our differences.

Whatever daylight there is between you and your partner, it seems to get folded into baby stuff. A wise colleague nailed it, I think, when she pointed out that there are really big things to be anxious about, two months out from having a kid. Will you be ok? Will the baby be healthy? How will it change our lives? And it’s easier to stress out over what kind of crib or stroller to get than to worry about the big stuff. So some anxiety is displaced. Plus, we’re going to be overwhelmed (at least for a little while, if not longer), and the impulse to prep for that is intense. If this weren’t enough, you have a whole industry trying to make your life better, and playing on your feelings towards your future baby (oh, and possibly, just possibly trying to make a profit).

So we are now making our list of essential stuff, and which brand of whatever’s to purchase. The cynic in me is thinking that we’re going to drop at least a couple grand on what seem to be ‘essentials’, but really aren’t. The practical person in me believes this is the process of having a baby so get over it. The romantic in me thinks that little onesie and the cute hat should definitely make it onto the list. The sucker in me thinks that, yes, that BMW of a stroller really is worth it, I mean, what if we want to take our baby off-roading? And the paranoid, anxiety-prone person in me thinks, this crib really is the latest technology in safety, do you really want to chance it with your baby? WITH YOUR BABY!!!!?????

I honestly can’t wait until the baby is here, and this stuff fades into the background, in favor of more immediate, real things to be concerned with. Like, OH MY GOD, is the baby scratching its ear? Does that look too red? Is this green shit normal?


One Response to “A couple notes on buying baby stuff”

  1. Anonymous October 13, 2010 at 8:30 pm #

    All I have to say is, it’s very smart of you to call me awesome.

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