The mother-in-law

8 Oct

At dinner: mother-in-law (in from Hawaii), her kick-ass travel friend, baby-mama, me. Talk turns to what else, baby. Following conversation is only slightly altered from the original.

Kick-ass travel friend: I can’t wait to hold that little baby!
Mother-in-law: Me too! And if you were in Hawaii I could see the baby so much more!
Baby mama: So, we’re now at doctor visits every 2 weeks. I did some tests today, seeing an orthopedic doctor next week, seems to be going well.
Me: Awesome, the pregnancy seems to be on rails at this point.
Mother-in-law: …you have a whole network of people in Hawaii who you know, and some other friends of yours were just telling me how great it would be if they could see you, they get along with you guys so well.
Baby mama: So…I’m thinking about getting the pasta with sausage.
Mother-in-law: …and there are doctors who would be great in Hawaii, and it would be so convenient.
Me: I might get the mussels, they do look tasty.
Mother-in-law: …plus, I’d see the baby so much more if you were in Hawaii.
Me: Um, yeah. We’re not moving to Hawaii.
Mother-in-law: Oh. Ok, so you don’t know if you want to move to Hawaii…
Me: (now laughing) Wait, who said anything about not knowing?
Kick-ass travel friend: (also laughing) So we can just say you’re undecided about it, right?
Baby mama: As Peter says, we’re on the fence.


One Response to “The mother-in-law”

  1. Davin October 8, 2010 at 6:18 pm #

    Nuh uh. You guys are moving to *Queens*, not stupid old Hawai’i. I thought we cleared this up already.

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