File under ‘Communities I don’t understand’

7 Oct

The anti-vaccination crowd always puzzles me. I mean, I realize that medicine has, now and in the past, made strong claims that were subsequently discredited. We used to cut holes in people’s heads to release the vapors. And so dismissing skepticism with regard to vaccinations could possibly make me an asshole in fifty years.

But today, today it makes me kind of nuts to read about anti-vaccinators. Being ungracious, it comes out as uninformed BS, but even being gracious about the skepticism, the people who don’t vaccinate are free riding on the rest of people who do. So if increased autism is indeed (despite all available evidence) the cost of having no measles outbreaks – then the a-v’ers are forcing the vaccinators to pay that cost, while their kids are benefiting from the lack of measles in the general population.

What this means is that being an anti-vaccinator makes you either: a) a person who puts more faith in Oprah and Jenny McCarthy than modern medicine; or b) an asshole free-rider. Certainly, deciding to do something that potentially puts other people’s kids in danger doesn’t make you brave.

As for the M.D. in her story, I have no real opinion. And we’re vaccinating our kid.


One Response to “File under ‘Communities I don’t understand’”

  1. Davin October 8, 2010 at 6:25 pm #

    I friggin’ hate people like that. Didja read the comments on her blog post? Buncha similar flat-earthers congratulating her on her courage.

    Speaking as a physician (even if I don’t technically work to cure anybody these days), I just love how these absurd non-scientastic beliefs tend to evaporate when the shite really hits the fan. These people show up all wide-eyed in the ER when they or their loved ones are *really* sick, and now all of a sudden they’re desperate to receive the latest drugs, surgery, etc.
    Too bad it takes brushes with death to get them to take medicine seriously. Jerks.

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