Cooking, and links

7 Oct

I’ve been cooking up a storm lately, which is apparently my form of nesting in anticipation of the coming baby (or a reaction to my not knowing exactly what I should be doing with my time at work for the moment). Here are some things that are queued up, from around the interwebs:

French Lentils: looks tasty, easy, healthy. I usually like lentils, but for some reason I never make them.

Eggy Zucchini Pie: I’m not exactly sure what makes this different from a zucchini frittata or quiche. Maybe I just want to make a zucchini frittata.

The Pioneer Woman has something like a bajillion readers, and for good reason. I am planning on testing this recipe out on a cake Monday, and then making them en masse as a little gift for friends over the holidays.

Basil Pasta with Tomato Water: Ok, summer is basically gone now, so this might never be made, but I am a sucker for dead-simple pasta recipes.

This morning, I whipped up another no-Knead bread, and popped it into the oven to rise for 24 hours. And then this evening, I pre-heated the oven to make roast chicken for dinner. So bread=sad shlumpy mess. See, I fuck it up as often as not. I usually just ignore the messes.

On the other hand, chicken!

Chicken for my lunch, chicken for my dinner
Chicken, chicken, chicken, I’m a finger lickin’ winner


2 Responses to “Cooking, and links”

  1. Davin October 8, 2010 at 10:35 pm #

    So we were just gossiping about your future blogging habits post-bebe, and suddenly realized: chicken for *your* lunch, chicken for *your* dinner? C’est vrai, ca?
    Ivy’s theory is that maybe it was a (previously) happy free-range chicken that your ethics allowed you to consume. You finger lickin’ winner, you.

  2. Peter October 8, 2010 at 10:44 pm #

    Speaking of spacing out posts, I come home to find I’ve been uber-commented by my UWS crew. I ate a hamburger a couple weeks ago, which was ok but not as good as I had somehow expected it to be (made at home, ground from sirloin, E seemed to like it enough to confirm that it wasn’t just a crap burger). But not chicken for me.

    This comment is really an excuse to make a joke about how while I could trust a cow, I never trussed a chicken.

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