This is closest so far to how I imagine my own trajectory

24 Sep

Phillip Toldano posts a series of photos recounting the birth of his daughter and the achieved rather than ascribed status of fatherhood for him1:

And when they pulled Loulou out, I stood up and said, “Holy shit, she’s enormous!”

It’s funny. There’s how you feel, and then there’s how you think you feel.

When people have kids on TV or in the movies, there are tears of joy, cries of delight.

Did I feel a tsunami of love wash over me?

Not really. If anything, it just seemed absurd that I was a father. ME! A father!

Plus, the guy is a professional photographer, and so if you click through you’ll get lovely pictures like this on:

Incidentally, I think this is how my partner feels after eating chocolate. Without the drooling, mostly.

1 For the non-sociology folks, first of all, your loss. Seriously. The world is all sociology and you’re just missing it. Second, achieved status is a status that you acquire via work, choice, etc., while ascribed status is a status you are born into, like race or gender.


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