Cute or not-so-cute?

16 Sep

I recently came across a couple of pregnancy videos (no, not the live-from-the-birthing-room kind, the aww, look at my sweetie across 9 months kind). Both are very well made, but for some reason I like the first better than the second. Here’s the first one:

Ain’t it sweet? But somehow the second one doesn’t do it for me:

I don’t exactly know why this is the case. I actually find myself loving the blog itself – Pacing the Panic Room – and you should take a look there for funny, artsy, humane perspective. But the series, and its along-the-way sponsorship by American Apparel (yep), somehow feels too clever by half. But also gorgeous, and prodigious in its craftsmanship, and his wife looks awesome throughout, and the kid’s cute to boot! Maybe you’ll dig it.


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