The becoming

10 Sep

So I was on the phone yesterday with a close friend, well, formerly close friend, who told me she couldn’t be friends with me if I started a hipster daddy blog. To which I said no way this isn’t and couldn’t really be a hipster daddy blog since a) I don’t actually have possession of a kid as of yet; and b) I’m as far from a hipster as you can get, with my Brooklyn apartment and my angst over Fresh Direct v. the Food Co-op and my homemade chocolate sauce in my freshly frothed Capresso-steamed milk, while I contemplate a career shift in the middle of the worst labor market in a half-century to something that I’ll really really love, and my snarky blog posts…

Yes, add in an obsessive compulsion to talk about my children, and it turns out I think I’d be the kind of guy I’d want to punch in the neck. Wait! I may already be that guy! Yay hegemony! It catches you when you’re sleeping!

In somewhat unrelated news, this model of Minas Tirith made from matchsticks, is the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life.


One Response to “The becoming”

  1. Davin September 10, 2010 at 2:07 pm #

    (snort) Fortunately some of us have little baby vigilantes at home, who spend their days perfecting the preschool smash-n-grab. My precious little thug keeps things real in the (212), ensuring that his parents don’t turn into hipster types.
    Just sayin’.

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