Current State of Emotional Play

22 Aug

I showed this picture to my wife the other day, and she started crying:

So you can see that the world is sitting on a knife’s edge round my house these days. When I worked on a trading floor in my early 20s, a guy there was talking about his wife who was pregnant at the time. He said he offered her a glass of wine and said “either you drink it, or you’re wearing it.” He was funny, but a total asshole. Nonetheless I have often thought about that line and what domestic life he had lurking behind it.

For myself, there is not much to be said for a lack of patience on my part (and on the non-birthing partners’ parts in general). After all, stress, changes to body, hormones, all are happening to her-not-me. And it is surprising how poignant this photo is, you wouldn’t expect Kermit to be so expressive. And yet, I am definitely living in a fragile emotional ecosystem.

The image is from nerd boyfriend, a totally sticky site, with pictures of actors and artists and authors and people, and where to buy their wardrobe.

By the way, she also kind of cried over this one.


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