And so it begins…

19 Aug

Apparently over her moment of anxiety over pre-natal testing, darling wife brought home City Baby New York: The Ultimate Guide for New York City Parents, from Pregnancy to Preschool. And already out of date no less – she bought the second edition, when the authors were just calling it City Baby. Now it’s apparently City Baby New York, with other cities no doubt in the pipeline. The book itself is specifically great, with actual resources rather than the normal ‘advice’ (where to sign up for babymama yoga, rather than just telling you to get your pregnant ass in shape).

However, I can feel a heady, toxic brew of crazy, lurking just below the surface here: “Many parents love extravagant birthday parties, especially their child’s first one…New York is full of places that organize parties for one-year-olds.” And I learn that a woman at Ivy Wise Kids specializes in privately helping parents through the nursery school and ongoing school selection/navigation process. Thanks, City Baby!


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