My favorite band, and there but for the grace…

18 Aug

So I’m fucking surfing daddy blogs if you can believe it – this is something of a change for me, who spends most of his time cruising sociology and economics blogs, politics, and the curated liberal arts 2.0 of Jason Kottke. And it turns out: a) that the space is saturated (no surprises there, if you can blog it, people blog it); and b) someone made me like one of my favorite bands even more.

The band is The National, (you can see a bunch of their videos on the youtubes), and as Daddy Types points out, Matt (the lead singer) ends up not swearing in front of a 4-year-old girl – the whole thing is actually kind of sweet.

Oh, and via Thingamababy, you can follow the crushing story of Aaron, whose second child was a fetus with a rare and ultimately fatal birth defect called Sirenomelia. Then they had to deal with abortion protesters telling them they are monsters. His response to the abortion protesters, I have to say, is kind of inspiring, but also looks like a lot of grief and anger, with a couple of clueless religious morons who get to bear the brunt of his frustration. The whole thing is rather tragic. Really only read this stuff if you have a strong constitution and maybe some tissue at hand.

As we await the fuller results of the amniocentesis, that would be a bad result. Most everything else seems ok, so it does seem unlikely.


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